Friday, March 16th, 2012
A new political party aims to mobilise Australia’s 2.7 million church-going Christians, in both federal and state politics, to defend freedom of speech, traditional family values and the Australian way of life.

The Australian Christians, which held its national launch in Perth on March 7, will hold its Victorian launch on March 16 (details below) ahead of the state’s forthcoming Niddrie by-election where the new party will field its first candidate.

NSW parliamentarian and leader of his state’s Christian Democratic Party, the Rev. Fred Nile, has endorsed the new grouping and predicts that it will perform strongly in next year’s federal election.

A special media conference is scheduled for 11:00am, Friday, March 16, 2012, at Level 7, 30 Collins St, Melbourne, with the following Australian Christians representatives available for comment: Ray Moran (AC national director), Frank Papafotiou (AC candidate for the Niddrie by-election) and Vickie Janson (AC candidate for the Senate).

Later the same day a Melbourne public launch will be held at 7:30pm, Friday, March 16, 2012, at the Monash Religious Centre, Bldg 9, Monash University (Clayton campus). The guest speaker will be Dave Hodgson, founder and CEO of the Queensland-based Paladin Corporation.

Niddrie by-election

The Australian Christians’ candidate for the March 24 Niddrie by-election, located in Melbourne’s north-western suburbs, is local businessman, engineer and university lecturer Frank Papafotiou.

The calling of the Niddrie by-election was caused by the recent resignation from Victoria’s parliament of former Labor Attorney-General Rob Hulls, who since 2010 has held the seat with a 6.9 per cent margin. The Liberal Party has declined to field a candidate for Niddrie.

Mr Papafotiou says: “The majority of Christians I have spoken to in Niddrie are frustrated that their parliamentary representatives ignore their concerns. With the launch of our new party, the majority of Australians, who profess Christian values, will now have a true political voice – the Australian Christians.

“The Niddrie electorate has the state’s highest proportion of Christians (75.5 per cent). Yet Christian values are not represented by the polices of Labor and the Greens.”

Policy platform

The Australian Christians party stands for:

• Freedom of speech. The party is strongly opposed to the Gillard Labor/Greens government’s moves to stifle political debate through the establishment of a Media Regulator. The party seeks urgently to overturn Victoria’s controversial vilification laws, which have seen two Christian pastors dragged through the courts for speaking on Islam.

• Traditional family values. The party seeks to uphold the principle of marriage between a man and a woman, and to ensure that traditional family values are taught in our schools.

• Law and order. The party wants our police to be equipped to do their job properly and our schools and communities to be drug-free.

• The Australian way of life. The party wants to see enterprise, creativity, initiative and teamwork make our great country even greater.

Australian Christians media contacts:

Ray Moran, national director: 0438 553 424

Vickie Janson, Senate candidate: 0411 298 464

Frank Papafotiou, candidate for Niddrie by-election: 0411 656 789

Contact Profile

Australian Christians

Australian Christians is the new federal political party with the goal of representing the values and concerns of the 2.7 million Christian Australians who attend church once a month or more, and others who identify with those concerns.
Vickie Janson
P: 0411 298 464


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