Wednesday, March 14th, 2012
MGM Wireless (ASX:MWR) has been at the frontline of the Australian flood crisis in the past week, delivering over 55,000 SMS text messages on behalf of schools in Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

This is an increase of some 11% over normal usage, with messages ranging from notices about school closures to transport arrangements through to alternative venues for school events.

Executive Chairman Mark Fortunatow was interviewed on ABC Radio during the crisis about the increasing importance of SMS messaging to keep parents, students and staff informed during any emergency.

“The number of messages being processed through our messageyou and Outreach systems shows that it’s all about preparedness,” Mr Fortunatow said.

“Trying to put in place a crisis communication plan when a crisis is already unfolding is often too late.”

MGM Wireless has over 750 schools using its systems but response to the company’s new School News Channel service shows there is pent-up demand from parents in schools still not using SMS.

School News Channel uses a patent-pending technology to allow parents, caregivers and extended families to subscribe to and pay micro-fees for SMS updates from their schools.

While still in beta trials, the service is receiving over 300 enquiries daily, the majority to receive SMS for late breaking news and school event reminders.

“From the school’s point of view, it makes sending SMS to parents totally free and parents who want to be kept informed are happy to pay for the texts,” Mr Fortunatow explained. “Parents, caregivers and grandparents benefit, as for the first time they are in the driver’s seat. They can request the SMS service at”

Mr Fortunatow said that when MGM introduced this innovation nine years ago, texting was very novel andused mainly by teenagers as a fun way to communicate with each other.

“Today’s parents much prefer a text to a phone conversation,” he said.

“Schools are ideally placed to communicate with their entire community as they have parents’ contact details on hand. SMS systems have become the most accepted way for parents to find out about their children’s safety and activities.”

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