Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

NSW residents are making better decisions about energy efficient appliances and claiming cash rebates, following the introduction of the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.

According to Craig Jones, founder of energy efficiency rebate provider Greenmoola.com, there has been a marked increase in rebate applications.

"This uptake is a positive sign that people are purchasing more efficient appliances, and that there is more awareness of the rebate program," Mr Jones said.

Over the last month Greenmoola.com has sent out a number of cheques to NSW residents, but Mr Jones indicated that there are tens of thousands of dollars in unclaimed rebates filed under ‘Receipts’ in desks, drawers, filing cabinets and folders all over NSW.

Any eligible appliance purchased since 28 April 2011 is entitled to a rebate. To claim the rebate, NSW residents are required to complete a rebate form, which is available for download at www.greenmoola.com, but the rebates for appliances purchased in 2011 are only valid for a limited time.

Rebates are available for energy efficient washing machines (from 3 star rating for top loader), refrigerators and freezers (from 2.5 stars), and dishwashers (from 3.5 star ratings).

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Greenmoola.com provides rebates for energy efficient whitegoods in NSW as an approved Accredited Certificate Provider under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme. Greenmoola.com creates the rebates by aggregating the efficiency certificates (also known as white certificates) and selling them to electricity retailers. Electricity retailers (such as Country Energy or AGL) are legislated to purchase white certificates to drive energy efficient programs in NSW.
Craig Jones
P: 0415 216 291
W: www.greenmoola.com


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