Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
If your idea of a romantic gesture is sharing the TV remote, then you might just need the services of LoveLetter at www.loveletter.com.au

If you really love your partner but have trouble expressing just how much, you are not alone. Even the most talkative amongst us often feel a little tongue-tied when it comes to articulating our love for one another. If this sounds like you, the LoveLetter writers can help.

The LoveLetter writers work with you to craft an unforgettable letter of love. They find out what you love about the person and articulate your emotions into an eloquent letter that is meaningful and forever treasured by the receiver.

Whether you are in the heightened throes of intense new love, about to make an important proposal, looking for that perfect birthday gift, celebrating a milestone in your relationship or even feeling you need to apologise, the LoveLetter team can help. They have the skills to put into words what even the most romantic at heart sometimes struggle to say.

LoveLetter General Manager Andrea Dunne believes the new service will fill a niche in the market and bridge the gap between new technology and old-fashioned sentiment. “We believe people are finding modern technology is great for mass and immediate communication, but the romance of the written word is simply not achievable via Facebook or Twitter,” says Dunne, “That’s where LoveLetter comes in”.

In addition, you can choose from a traditional printed letter or an email. The printed letter is available on a choice of gorgeous papers in a range of colours. You can choose to have the letter sent to you to sign or sent directly to your loved one. You can also choose to have some delicious chocolates or wine to be sent with your letter. That is sure to warm the cockles of any heart!

“Not all of our custom is letters for lovers” says Dunne. “Often it is siblings reaching out to each other, or children and parents, or couples requesting to rebuild broken relationships. We know that our letters have made a profound difference to some people’s lives.”

If your loved one thinks the only ‘letters’ they receive these days are bills or direct marketing offers, you might want to send them a letter of love and bring the heart back to your relationship. Who knows, they may just let you have control of the remote for a while!

LoveLetter writers will work with you to craft your unforgettable letter of love - helping you find the words to express your deepest feelings.

The LoveLetter service is available across Australia. A letter will take two to three days to complete.

Go to www.loveletter.com.au and make someone feel very special today.

* Email love letter $99
* Posted love letter $119
* Posted love letter with chocolates and sparking $159


For additional media information or to request an interview please contact:

Andrea Dunne
General Manager
Love Letter
andrea at loveletter.com.au
0414 842 843

Hi-res images available upon request.

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LoveLetter writes custom letters of love, romance and affection. We work with people to craft personal, heartfelt letters. Many people know in their hearts what to say, but struggle to find the right words to express their feelings.

LoveLetter's talented team of writers receive a brief, write a draft, and then print the final letter on beautiful paper.
Andrea Dunne
P: 0414 842 843
M: 0414 842 843
W: www.loveletter.com.au


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