Friday, March 16th, 2012
New Zealanders aged 55+ are now wielding over 50% of the nation’s net wealth, despite only making up 24.7% of the population. The net wealth of New Zealanders aged 55+ has risen from 43% ($176 billion) of the population’s total net wealth in 2002, to 52% ($492 billion) in 2011.
According to the Roy Morgan State of the Nation Report 4 – ‘Spotlight on New Zealanders Aged 55+’ – the net wealth of those aged 55+ has risen 179.5% since 2002, despite New Zealand’s total net wealth only rising 130.2% over the same period.

The rise in wealth of the 55+ age group is only partly due to this groups increasing proportion of the population; since 2002 the 55+ age group has only risen from 19.5% to 24.7% of the population.

Net Wealth of New Zealand Nation and Those Aged 55+

*2002 - 12 months to December 2002. **2011 - 12 months to December 2011. Source: Roy Morgan Research.

As well as wealth and debt data of those aged 55+, the report uncovers where this age group is investing, their demographics and characteristics, workforce participation and employment growth, underemployment and those looking for work, expenditure and intention to retire.

The new report is based on data from a nationwide survey of approximately 12,000 New Zealanders in the 12 months to December 2011, but also includes trended data stretching back over the past decade.

Pip Elliott, Client Services Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:
“The consideration as to whether New Zealanders 55+ have saved enough for retirement is one of the major issues facing the New Zealand Government. The intention of the report was not do an actuarial study on this topic but rather to give a broad understanding of how this group has progressed in terms of growth in wealth over the last nine years. The report uncovers aspects of those aged 55+ such as their increasing wealth, their investment decisions, as well as the increasing proportion of this age group that are engaged in the workforce.”

Roy Morgan’s New Zealand State of the Nation Report 4 will provide an understanding into the trends and issues facing Australians today. This report provides accurate and relevant information on the State of the Nation in terms of Society, Technology, Economy, Politics, and Environment.

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