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Introducing Pureste, Australia’s first and only range of sterilised feminine hygiene products....

What started as a breakfast between girlfriends turned into a shocking discovery...tampons in Australia are not sterilised. Their first reaction was disbelief and following research with female family and friends, it was evident they believed that all tampons were sterile too. Extensive research revealed that according to Australian standards there is no legal requirement for tampons to be sterilised and they are allowed to have a certain amount of bacteria on them.

Introducing Pureste…
Pureste is Australia’s first and only range of sterilised feminine care products initiated by Australian women. With women as busy as ever, wellbeing and peace of mind is even more important and Pureste is a pure, healthy and safe feminine care option. Pureste is everything women expect from feminine hygiene products: absorbent and comfortable, with the added benefit of being sterilised.

100% Australian owned, the new Pureste sterilised range will include tampons, pads with wings and panty liners. Each tampon has been individually wrapped and sealed, guaranteeing sterility to help women take the utmost care.

Pureste products are sterilised in the same process that medical equipment goes through and have undergone strict quality testing. All Pureste tampons, pads and panty liners have a shelf validity expiration date of five years, listed on packaging to guarantee sterility.

The Pureste range is available in Kmart, Target, Coles, all good pharmacies and independent supermarkets at price parity with leading brands. As with other brands on the market, Pureste tampons are available in mini, regular and super graded in accordance with absorbency standards. The pads are available in regular and super, and the liners are available in panty and g-string.

As with most of Australia’s feminine hygiene brands, Pureste is manufactured in Europe...the difference is your peace of mind – these are sterile.

‘Knowledge is Power’ and as stated on the unique packaging, the Pureste ‘Mandala’ reminds all women they are ‘beautiful’ & powerful in their knowledge that they now have a choice! A choice for sterile female care for women of all ages – finally!


What do a group of fabulous Australian girlfriends from Adelaide do when they are not being mums, running their own business or completing degrees…they decide to found the only Australian feminine care range that is sterilised!

The Pureste range was born the day this group of friends realised after looking over a tampon leaflet in amazement that none of the current Australian products on the market were sterilised! A very significant discovery considering most of these women had been using these tampons for the last 20 odd years – as many Australian women have.

Introducing the dynamic and down to earth female founders who wanted to offer Australian women an alternative feminine hygiene product that cares for our wellbeing:

With four women in the house, Adrienne (Ady) Peele has seen her fair share of ‘feminine hygiene products’ in the bathroom cupboard! It was the concern for her three daughters’ wellbeing that has made her so passionate about Pureste. Being a successful business woman has also given Ady the drive to help bring peace of mind to Australian women.

Running around after two kids and a husband and with twenty years of experience in the frantic world of PR has made Lisa Holmes the woman she is today…experienced and….tired! But also extremely excited about a product that’s well overdue for Australian women.

Sisters Giulia & Mirella Scarpantoni: A successful business woman with experience working in the wine industry and many areas of sales, Giulia made the decision to leave the corporate world ten years ago to care for her two young boys. Giulia has since re-entered the corporate sales world, finding a healthy balance between her family and career.

With over 15 years experience in the wine industry, Mirella has played a crucial role in the success of the family wine business. Mirella is currently working part-time in the family business and enjoying a more relaxed but hectic lifestyle as a committed mother to her five year old daughter, Alyssa. Mirella is also actively involved with raising funds for Cystic Fibrosis South Australia.

It’s all in a day’s work after spending twenty years in the Australian advertising industry but after specialising in the management of finance, traffic, operations and human resources Allison Beattie is proud to be bringing Pureste to Australian women.

Linda Chamberlain is a single mum to teenager Alistair and although being a clinical psychologist, it doesn’t always mean she understands what he is up to: it has helped though! Linda is also on the Executive Advisory Board of the Sister2sister Teenage Mentoring Charity.

Kathie Stratis is a talented business development manager who along with the other founders was in shock when she realised that no tampons available in Australia were sterilised!

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Pureste is the first feminine hygiene company throughout Australia to produce 100% sterilised tampons, pads and pantyliners. Using the latest sterilisation technology, the sterilising process is the same that almost all medical equipment undergoes to remove every last tract of bacteria, making their products 100% bacteria free, as well as comfortable and as absorbent.

Pureste is the initiative of a group of girlfriends who embarked on the project when they realised that while sanitised, no tampons available in Australia were sterilised. Their project is driven by a desire to encourage female wellbeing and peace of mind.
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What started as a breakfast between girlfriends turned into a shocking discovery...tampons in Australia are not sterilised. Their first reaction was disbelief and following research with female family and friends, the Pureste brand was born.


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