Friday, March 2nd, 2012
Surely, most of us have heard the story about a new dreamland, where people have started over, changing their lives for the better, enjoying countless possibilities. For countless people, this land is Australia. Yet, some may be curious how this country can offer so many and why it is better for one's life in general. Fortunately, the lines below will provide you with some basic information on the topic.

The Great Australian Dream

With the land of possibilities comes the abundance of options. One of the best characteristics of Australia, related to real estate, is the fact that, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about 70% of all property in this country is actually occupied by people who own it. This is mainly due to the fact that the country keeps your investments safe from the abrupt changes in the real estate market. What is more, all real estate courses will teach you that once you play things right and purchase your home, you are likely to keep it and allow your children and your children's children to have a roof over their head for as long as they live.

However, if your grandchildren turn out to be prone to moving or flipping houses, they can always count on the ever-growing value of Australian property. Namely, statistically, over every 7 years, the value of property in this county increases by 100%. Knowing that Australian residents get a 50% Capital Gains discount once they sell a place they have owned for more than a year, it is easy for you to see that you are in for a bright future, should you life take this course.

On the other hand, if you are not a citizen of Australia, you still have benefits to look forward to. Basically, even though taxes may be a bit higher when purchasing your initial property, later, when you decide to sell it, the Capital Gains Tax can pay itself off. Also, you can always count on loans and such variants, most of which cover different forms of expenses, including the cost of travel necessary for your purchase to take place.

Bear in mind that many real estate courses will recommend that you make an investment even before you migrate to Australia. Simply, owning a property prior to your migration will help you with your process of becoming a citizen of this country. Additionally, in this case, you will have a place to stay the moment you arrive to Australia. If you think about the renting expenses you would otherwise have to cover, you can easily see how lucrative this step can be.

Even though most property owners in Australia occupy their own real estate, you can move around the country, making further investments and purchases while renting your previously bought property. Nevertheless, play it on the safe side and do your best to take out Landlord Protection Insurance, keeping you covered if your tenants prove not to be what you expected.

To sum up, there is a whole world of possibilities in Australia, especially if you plan on expanding your real estate business. Think the whole thing through, know well what your options are and enjoy your Australian dream.

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