Monday, February 27th, 2012
aenO Water is a 3 in 1 Alkaline Energised Water with pH at 9 - 10 and fortified with Dissolved Oxygen of 350% more than normal water. The water is processed down to “Nanometer” size which is the same size as Structured Water in our cells for faster absorption and hydration.

aenO Water is revolutionary water that has just become available in Australia.

Energized alkaline ionized water seeks out free radicals and converts them into oxygen, which your body can use for energy production and tissue oxygenation.

Generally, some of the direct benefits of increased oxygen intake by your body are increased energy level, alertness, strengthened immune system, and the removal of toxins and poisons from the body.

aenO Water is the product of a 15 stage process and during the multi stage process in Malaysia, the water goes through the following changes:
1. Alkaline Process - Ionised water at the pH of 9 - 10 with no chemicals added.
2. ENergise Process - The water clusters are broken into smaller clusters using far infrared media. This helps the body to absorb water faster. In addition, the continues breakup of the water cluster from 11 to 13 molecules per cluster to 6 or 7 molecules per cluster makes this water “wetter”. Due to its smaller cluster characteristics the water is super hydrating and readily absorbed by the body.
3. Oxygenation Process - The water contains high concentration of Dissolved Oxygen. This Oxygen will not escape to atmosphere on opening the bottle. The Oxygen content is 350% more than normal drinking water.

Director aeno Water Edy Purba said, “With today’s pressures and stresses, and the abundance of fast food, articial sweeteners, flavours, preservatives, additives and soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, and many other acidic food and beverages it is more important than ever to look after our health, we need to consume more alkaline food and beverages and one of the simplest ways we can do that is by drinking alkaline water.

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aeno Water

Our Vision
To improve health and longevity through the provision of new technologies and processes to produce high quality, scientifically validated products.

Our Mission
To be a Leading Distributor of a unique brand of Quality Drinking Water.
To educate the consumer on the health benefits Alkaline ENergised Oxygen (aenO) Water displays when compared with the multitude of inferior products on the market in Australia.
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