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It is often devastating for us, and our loved ones, to hear that there is no hope for a health condition. For some it’s a death sentence. However we cannot overlook the accounts of people who feel there must be something more, and they don’t give up. There are amazing testimonies of overcoming terminal illnesses – if you look for them – and listening to a profound report via a 2-minute podcast, set me off!

A man diagnosed with cancer was told by his doctor that nothing more could be done for him. He was sent to a medical specialist for pain management, and whilst sitting in the waiting room he read these words on the wall:

“Become conscious for a single moment that Life and intelligence are purely spiritual, — neither in nor of matter, — and the body will then utter no complaints. If suffering from a belief in sickness, you will find yourself suddenly well. Sorrow is turned into joy when the body is controlled by spiritual Life, Truth, and Love. ~ Mary Baker Eddy.”

Sometime later, the doctor found that the man was completely free of the cancer, and asked him what happened. He answered that it was the passage on the wall of his waiting room that did it. Here’s the detailed account for your listening, ‘Help is just a thought away', with Rob Gilbert, CSB.

End-of-life issues
A health crisis deemed terminal, touches deeply when it’s in our own circle. The Global Mail's Margaret Rice  wrote a heart-wrenching report from her experience. She asks the reader to consider this: “We’re living longer! But our longer lives mean that more of us will develop dementia and other diseases of old age. If there’s always another possible medical miracle, when do we say it’s OK to let nature take its ultimate course?” Rice examines people’s thoughts about living longer – a growing discussion – from health professionals to the very elderly in aged care facilities. The president of the Australian Medical Association comments that people don’t think about the fact that they have a choice, and can opt out of medical interventions. Society demands a spectrum of choices, and recognizes the need to make informed decisions, including information about legal rights – ‘living wills’ (Advance Health Care Directives) by health professionals and legal rights advocates. But do we take time to consider our options? Do we act?

Spiritual Life ~ a giant leap in thinking
Enormous gratitude should go to all the doctors and health service providers, working around the clock to help us. But even when conventional solutions aren’t apparent, people are finding that they don’t have to give up. That old saying, “seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you…” rings true today. I can’t help asking what made that doctor put up a sign in his waiting room, about the body being controlled by spiritual Life – a giant leap in thinking from the general schools of thought. Maybe it’s not such a giant leap, but rather giving consent to thinking outside the box?

The man who read that passage in the doctor’s office was undoubtedly healed. How unconventional was that? There are amazing testimonies from thousands of testifiers over the centuries, from a variety of belief systems, who can attest that spiritual healing is very real. For whatever reason, these people went beyond “letting nature take its course“. If we had more information about these cases, might it be possible to conclude that spiritual healing is evidence based, even scientific?

“The writing on the wall” comes in different forms for each of us – the questions are, how and what are we reading (thinking) and believing; and are we willing to search beyond the current schools of thought on healthcare?

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