Friday, February 24th, 2012
The weeks in between Christmas and Valentines Days see a huge surge in both traffic and new memberships on online dating and video chat websites when compared to the rest of the year, according to sources from major dating companies. This was the case on Stargazer Video Chat site with the ever increasing visitors count from Australia and New Zealand. There are numerous reasons why thousands of people choose video chat and online dating as a way to meet their significant other or just to find frienship, and dating online is becoming more and more common.

Dating and free cam chat websites offer an environment where it is possible to find love after meeting many people, as opposed to the random luck factor that normally happens in a pub or club. This means that in a relatively short space of time since their inception, major dating sites gained membership levels worldwide of over 20 million people, with thousands more joining everyday.

While concerns have been raised in the past over the safety of online dating, all the major webcam chat sites and video chat rooms have comprehensive guidelines and rules for helping to protect their members. Some sites offer good dating guidelines, which include simple steps such as using the medium of the site in order to protect privacy, and never revealing personal information to strangers.

Many studies have been carried out into just why these sites are proving to be so popular. Some reports cite that with the growing trend of professionals and other people having to travel and move away from familiar social circles in order to further careers, they fill a natural gap. Other reports suggest that it is the matchmaking suitability that they provide which appeals to those people who do not like the random factor involved with meeting someone at a bar or club.

In addition to these factors, a study carried out on behalf of a major dating company indicated that nearly 5% of people getting married in the USA were doing so after meeting on that site. It is no surprise that meeting people in video chat and webcam chat rooms in Australia and New Zealand is as we
ll becoming increasingly popular.

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