Thursday, February 23rd, 2012
Following the story in today’s Advertiser, “SANFL Minis Face The Axe”, V.I.P. Home Services would be interested in talking to the SANFL to assist with keeping the Mini League alive.

V.I.P. Home Services Founder and Chairman, Mr Bill Vis says, “Children deserve to have the opportunity to be part of programs such as the Mini League to help them not only have fun and learn new skills, but to also know what it is like to be part of a team environment.

“Sport plays such a vital role in our community. I’m sure many of us can remember what it was like to play sport and be part of a team when we were younger. Those moments like kicking your first goal stay with you forever.

“It would be a shame to see the successful Mini League program no longer available to children. It’s such a valuable and important experience the kids would be missing out on.

“I would be interested in speaking with the SANFL to see if there is a way V.I.P. can help the Mini League program.

“V.I.P. is an international company based in South Australia supporting local sport in our State.

“I look forward to discussing the possibilities with the SANFL. Obviously there are many factors that need to be worked out, but if we can make it work we will,“ said Mr Vis.

V.I.P. Home Services was the first company to start gardening franchising in 1979. Now, V.I.P. has over 1,000 franchisees across Australasia, providing services in garden maintenance and lawn mowing, home cleaning, commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and exit and bond cleaning.


For media enquiries contact V.I.P. Home Services Communication Manager, Simone Hawkins on 08 8220 4533 or 0419 739 245 or [email protected]

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