Sunday, September 15th, 2013
Norfolk Island Travel Centre is offering Australians the chance to experience a health and healing holiday while learning the ancient Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Qigong in one of the region’s most peaceful and pristine environments.

Pronounced chee-gung, Qigong was first practiced 3000 years ago and went on to become the basis of Tai Chi and most Eastern martial art forms. It consists of meditation, physical movements and breathing exercises.

Tai Chi is based on relaxed and slow moving exercises, one posture flowing into the next like a stream of water.

Leading Tai Chi and Qigong practitioner Master Zhang Hao came to Australia in 1988 to promote the benefits of these oriental health systems. He will visit Norfolk Island from 06-13 April to focus on the skills required to develop the gentle and graceful Wild Goose Qigong and the classic Tai Chi forms taught at his Chi-Chinese Healing College.

Master Zhang Hao and his senior instructors will perform a demonstration to introduce participants to the Tai Chi and Qigong art forms. Throughout the week classes will be held daily and take place from 9 am to 11:00 am. No previous experience is required.

Informal gatherings with Master Zhang Hao’s senior instructors will also be organised for participants to revise what they have learnt during the Master’s classes.

The Travel Centre is offering a special holiday package that includes return flight, and airfare taxes, seven nights twin share accommodation, car hire, airport greeting and transfers, a bonus shopping card and entry to miniature golf and Norfolk Island’s A Walk in the Wild tour attraction from $1069 per person (subject to change without notice) from Sydney. Tai Chi and Qigong registration is additional $300 per person. To book call toll-free 1800 1400 66, email [email protected] or visit

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Norfolk Island Travel Centre

Norfolk Island Travel Centre is an award winning travel agency that specialises in quality, personalised travel. Norfolk has a unique beauty of its own, with its renowned tall majestic pines, sheer cliff faces, coral reefs and beautiful beaches. Almost one third of the island is devoted to National Parks and Reserves. But Norfolk Island is far more than a picturesque island in the South Pacific, it is paradise with a past. What was once a convicts’ nightmare is now the tranquil home of the descendants from the Mutiny on the Bounty, who have their own unique culture and their own language. There is much to see and do on Norfolk Island: fascinating historic tours, see Kingston which is a World Heritage Listed area,outdoor re-enactments of the Bounty Mutiny (with parts played by actual descendants of Fletcher Christian), ‘Light and Sound’ shows, eco-tours, glass bottom boat coral reef trips, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, dining out in the numerous fine restaurants, bush walking, scenic horse riding, golf on what has been called the world’s most beautiful golf course, bowls, tennis, and squash. Take advantage of Norfolk's tax-free shopping or perhaps simply take some time out to relax and enjoy Norfolk's peaceful existence.

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P: AU1800 1400 66 or NZ 0800 0088 10
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