Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

The Chilote House Shoe is a wonderful example of a simple and beautiful item made in a way that aids local communities and avoid damaging the Earth.

The Chilote House Shoe’s highly innovative low-tech manufacturing and aesthetics appeal to conscious consumers those that expect highly responsible ethical production and useful and beautiful products. It uses free-range Patagonian sheep wool and repurposed and up-cycled salmon leather combined with skilled local craftsmanship to make a simple comfortable and beautiful product. The simplicity of the design is inspired by the amazing qualities of the materials used. Sheep's wool is one of nature's most amazing insulators, absorbing moisture, repelling water, and allowing skin to breathe. Salmon leather is a new and innovative material that is very durable, as soft as suede, and extremely flexible. This extremely comfortable and completely natural indoor shoe, made by hand in Patagonia, redefines the concept of conscious consumption. It is the result of the synergy created by three valuable assets; guided craftsmanship, renewable materials, and an ethical and inclusive design thinking process.

Each pair of Chilotes is geo-tagged with a QR code. When scanned, the code leads to a mini-site that shows personal and geographical information of the actual artisans that crafted that piece.

Winner of The Core77 Design Award: Notable Design for Social Impact
Winner of The 3rd Annual Eco-Choice Awards - Most Sensitive Use of Materials

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