Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012
There are many options to choose from when considering a new bed for a child. Do your homework, decide what style and size you want and ask your child for a little input during the process. Then, when you make your final selection you should have something that will provide years of service, style and comfort for your child.

There are a variety of childrens beds on the market and shopping before you’ve assessed your needs will only create conflicts. Your first task will be to determine the best bed size that the room will accommodate. Take measurements and write them down. Also measure the size of the doorframe. It isn’t going to do you any good to choose an amazing bed if you can’t physically get it into the room. You’ll want a bed that will be big enough for a growing child but still leave space for walking around and playing in the room.

If the room is relatively small, consider a lofted bed. Tall legs raise the bed off the floor, creating a play or study space underneath. This type of bed is a great option even if the room has plenty of space. Children enjoy climbing a ladder to reach their bed and they can use their imagination to turn the underneath space into a pirate cave or fort.

Once you’ve determined the size of bed you need you should decide if you want a traditional box springs and mattress set or a platform bed. Platform beds are often cheaper since you’re only purchasing the mattress. If your child is going to want to be moving their furniture often, a platform bed might also be easier to move than a traditional bed. Finally, chose a head and footboard that your child can work with. If you want them to make their bed each day, provide them with a bed that’s easy to make. A tall footboard means your child is going to have to smash the sheets and blankets down along the footboard. Not having a footboard might be the difference between tears and daily frustration or a perfectly made bed with no fussing.

Beds are the focal point of a room and children want to be proud of their space. Ask your child what type of style they might prefer but gently remind them you have the final say. If differences arise in style preferences, you might compromise by allowing the child to pick out the bedding they prefer. Childrens beds are an investment so you want to make sure you purchase the piece that will be the best suited for everyone.

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