Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
A successful South Australian entrepreneur says people can increase their levels of personal and professional success no matter what the economic or political climate.

Stan Kontos, together with his strategic associates and partners, built the Star Pharmacy Group from a single pharmacy in Rostrevor to be a 30-strong national network within the last decade.

Now he is presenting a free seminar at the Next Generation Gym in Adelaide on Saturday 3rd March, to share the secrets of breaking down barriers of fear, culture and conditioning and to enter the pathway of self-mastery and strategic thinking.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” says Mr Kontos. “But you do not have to be thick skinned - you just need to ensure your thinking is aligned with the success you desire in your life and career or business.

“Some people used to mock me when I'd share my dreams and aspirations -- such as buying businesses in Queensland so I could enjoy spending time in the warmth during the cold Adelaide winter. Others who listened to me would be inspired and then raise the bar in their life about what is truly possible. You need to learn how to manage your state of mind, obtain the necessary knowledge, and surround yourself with the right people to create the life you desire and deserve.”

Mr Kontos and his co-presenters – all of them successful entrepreneurs – assist audiences with the process of personal change and strategic thinking and these processes are effective in good times or bad. They also assist people with private one-on-one coaching.

“We attract people who effectively are seeking personal change – people who want more out of their life. They may be in a job wanting to start their own business, or they may be seeking to grow their business or their care er, or they want to grow in life.

“People have come to our events when they are down and out – we have even had people who have all the luxuries in the world (even their own plane!) to discover that what they are really seeking is meaning and purpose in their life…we cover it all – strategies to get back on track and strategies to find empowering meaning from life.

“The clients of SOL Results tend to be people who are continually wanting to grow personally so they can do better in the market place in any environment – even in today’s unsettled economy.”

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Ultimate Success Mindset Seminar

The Ultimate Success Mindset Seminar covers leadership principals, wealth mindset, relationship strategies, how to attain health and vitality, and emotional state management – all the areas that create a balanced life.
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