Tuesday, February 21st, 2012
Every businessman knows that marketing is the key to success. Successful advertising is what gets your company known and up on its feet. Marketing can be accomplished through a variety of methods, but among the most effective and popular is through promotional advertising.

So now here is the latest innovation in custom promotional products: Hydr8Water. Hydr8Water takes one of the basic human necessities, water, and uses it for advertising. It is an ingenuous method in which you advertise whatever you want on the labels found on water bottles. Think about it. Everybody has water bottles. People carry them around to and from work. They use them when they are working out. They take them with them when they travel. You see water bottles every day of your life. What better way to reach millions of people in advertising than with Hydr8Water bottles?

Hydr8Water bottles are great for business meetings and presentations. Not only will your guests take away your campaign, they’ll take away a great refreshment as well. Hydr8Water bottles are perfect for any event or occasion. They’re great for community causes, fundraisers, any idea or point that you want the world to know, you can advertise through Hydr8Water bottles.

Hyd8Water uses only the purest distilled water, offering water quality that is above and beyond the standards required by law. Customers will love the taste of your water and your brand will benefit from being the label on the water bottle. Plus, in addition to Hydr8Water helping you market your products and brands, you’re helping people too. Water is the healthiest fluid on earth. By providing people with water you are encouraging good health and well-being. Water flushes harmful toxins out of the body and helps you maintain a healthy heart. The more water you drink, the better off you’ll be.

If you would like to use Hydr8Water in your marketing campaign, ordering it is easy. First, simply select your fluid size. The minimum amounts you can order are 240 units or 10 cartons of water. Next, you select your water size. Hydr8Water offer numerous different bottle sizes to ensure that you are provided with the one that you want. Then you select your cap style and color. You can select from between sports cap or a flap cap and you can get the caps in numerous colors. A word of advice is to take into consideration your labels artwork when selecting your cap color. Select a color that is going to complement your label. Next, you send in your artwork. Either email or mail a hard copy of what you want your label to look like to the distributor. Last, you simply confirm your order and then you’re good to go!

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