Thursday, October 8th, 2009

MyColourCup is an innovative new product that will eliminate arguments over cup ownership. This product was designed for the large family and will be released in November by the Twist-id Products Company. Order now to beat the Christmas rush and receive a complimentary gift. For product notification subscribe at or become Twist-id Products Facebook fan at

This product is a dynamic set of personalized drinking cups that changes names by the twist of the cups rotating band.  The bands window displays one of six names that the customer chooses when ordering.  Every cup within the set can be changed to be your cup. This product will help eliminate cup arguments by claiming YOUR cup. No more; "That's my cup!", "Which one is my cup?", or "Is that your cup?".

The designer, Shelly Zimmerman, designed these cups to eliminate cup arguments in her family of six. She is quoted as saying; "My main vision was to have a set of these cups for my family. Every time I heard, "That's not my cup", was another incentive to produce this product. I was motivated several times throughout the day." The basic criteria she had for the cups were that they had to be simple, easy to use and needed to be dishwasher safe.  

MyColourCups are sold in a set of six via the web site for $19.50 AUD. The cups are made from a quality plastic and can hold 500 ml/16 oz of liquid.

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The Twist-id Products Company produces family oriented products. Its initial quest was to develop a product that would eliminate cup arguments in the family. The MyColourCup is the company's first product. To learn more about the owner and the background of this company visit the products history blog. "Starting on a new path"
Shelly Zimmerman
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MyColourCup is a set of dynamic personalised cups from Twist-id Products, to be released in November with a complimentary gift offer.



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