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While exporting presents companies with more opportunities, it also involves increased risk and complexity. Contractual, compliance, delays, financial, legal, political and environmental - exporters are exposed to a wide range of risks that present them with many challenges to ship on- time and within budget.

Risks for exporters can prevent the organisation from meeting time, cost, performance and customer service targets. The inability to meet these targets can be very detrimental and jeopardise ongoing business relationships.

For an exporter, failure to address risk can be a costly oversight, resulting in: delays and fines; erosion of margins due to unanticipated increased supply chain costs; restricted cash flows and higher financial settlement costs; long lead times; and reduced customer satisfaction.

Drawing on the findings of numerous international trade process reviews with large exporting organisations, TridentGLOBAL has identified over 163 internal risk factors for exporters. The vast majority of these arise from: ineffective information and communication management tools; lack of systemised operating procedures and process controls; disparate systems; continuously changing regulatory controls; and inadequate staff training and education.

It should come as no surprise that the majority of risk originating from the exporter is linked to communications and information management: documentation, correspondence and reporting are the lifeblood of any export transaction, and a single error can cause havoc in the supply chain.

This whitepaper examines risks and associated challenges encountered by exporters, and provides exporters with strategic recommendations that minimise these risks. The focus of this paper falls upon risk that is within an exporter’s control i.e. the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal operational processes and systems as well as the actions of people. It does not address external risks , as presented by currency exchange fluctuations or political changes

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Since inception in 1992, TridentGLOBAL has helped exporters to significantly increase international trade profits and productivity, while reducing costs and risk.

By enabling exporters to automate, integrate and streamline their global trade and logistics management processes, and by uniting their people, processes and technologies in new and improved ways, TridentGLOBAL professional services consultants and software provide exporters a comprehensive response to the challenges they encounter in managing complex international trade processes.

Spanning every process in the export operation, from orders to payment, TridentGLOBAL intelligent and agile global trade and logistics management software can support any scale of international trade operation and can help an exporter manage consignments in a multi-country, multi-exporter and multi-user environment.

TridentGLOBAL professional services consultants' in-depth global trade and logistics management knowledge and best-of-breed software enables the company to provide enormous benefits to our clients around the world. TridentGLOBAL clients include blue-chip multi-national companies from a wide range of industries.
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