Friday, March 9th, 2012
Traditionally property management has been regarded as the poor second cousin of the real estate industry, which always strikes me as funny, given the fact that it is the bread and butter of most agencies. This is quickly appreciated by agencies when the sales market goes quiet.

With this in mind, many new specialist businesses saw a niche market for them to make the most of, and have been very successful in that market. These businesses took property management to a whole new level of professionalism and customer service, as can be evidenced by the fact that most award winners for property management, whether state or federal come from specialist property management businesses. Real estate agencies as a whole felt threatened by these specialist businesses and so have lifted their game markedly.

The property management industry has had an ad hock development as can be seen by the fact that most property managers use differing CRM software & database providers to track and research conduct/history of tenants. This even occurs within the same real estate franchise group a lot of the time. It makes for a disorganized property management industry. It would come as a surprise to anyone standing on the outside looking in, as to just how disjointed the property management industry is.

This disjointedness is partly caused by the differing property management regulations and statutory bodies that operate in the different states of Australia. However this variance is under review and some uniformity improvements are under way. National regulation would make everyone’s life a lot easier. Although there are some national databases currently operating in Australia in regard to property managers being able to record/track the conduct/history of rental tenants, these aren’t used by all parties.

What is needed is a tenancy database that is available Australia wide and free to use. Being free would allow all property managers to use the database. But I can hear your asking, “How could it be free?”
It needs to be free for all property managers so the property management industry would uniformly adopt it, but yet low cost and paid for by tenants. After all it’s in the tenants’ interest to be able to have a mobile rental record to help them acquire their next rental property. In a user pays society I don’t think this comes as any revelation.

Australia’s population is ever increasingly transient due to people frequently moving to where the work is. Many people now work on a 6/12 month contract in one city and then move to another city/state for a new work contract. The mining boom has also added to the increase of this transient population.

If all tenants across Australia had a plastic ID card to carry with their name and national database number on it, this would make life a lot easier for everyone. The ID card would link to a database with all their past and current tenancy details. e.g. addresses, conduct, rent payment frequency. Privacy concerns would largely be negated as the tenant/member is openly asking/paying for their conduct/history to be recorded, unlike current databases. This record would be accessed by property managers via an app available on all phones or tablet devices including iPad, thus making the whole process very portable. i.e. at a rental open home.

Tenants themselves would subscribe to the service via an online application form. They would receive their ID card to carry with them. There is no reason that their membership card couldn’t have additional benefits such as discounts with businesses that service the rental industry. i.e. appliance rental, furniture rental and cleaning services.

It would require property managers to look outside their patch and think big, as big as Australia is. There is a ‘pay it forward’ element (property managers looking to assist each other) to this but the benefits for all are self evident. By ‘all’ I include property managers, agencies, tenants and property owners. Property owners would be a happier bunch as they can see that the tenants in their property are better screened. Members of this tenants service/club would be proud of their rental history and proud to carry an ID card.

Do we want the property management industry to move forward as a unified industry or to stay segmented? Whilst change can sometimes be hard to accept and implement, I think the benefits far exceed any disadvantages. With the marked increase in the level of professionalism this century already, I see no reason why such a scheme couldn’t take the industry to an even higher level.


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Rent Resumé Pty Ltd

Rent Resumé started due to the frustration and repetition involved when applying for a rental property. I thought there must be an way to make the process a lot easier, rewarding, smoother & safer for all concerned.

What was needed was a national system that was portable between different real estate agencies. A system that enables tenants to prove that they are good tenants. Other tenancy systems mainly record bad rental conduct and usually don't record what I feel is the most important aspect, namely good rental conduct. This new system needed to be accessible instantly by property managers at rental open homes or anywhere for that matter. A system where tenants become a club member and receive a membership card.

As I like shopping as much as the next person, I felt it would be a great idea to incorporate shopping discounts into Rent Resumé. Being able to receive discounts on food, fuel and alcohol would assist with the cost of basic requirements in life for Rent Resumé members. We will be bringing members further shopping discounts and increased reward programs as Rent Resumé grows. Helping our members and having some fun along the way is what we're all about.

There has been a very positive response from the property management industry to Rent Resumé with support coming from all levels of the industry. I look forward to seeing our membership grow and benefit.
Darren Smith
Darren Smith
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