Friday, February 17th, 2012
Melbourne, Australia - A new hybrid purchasing model for high quality diamonds has recently been launched in Australia. At the helm of this three generational family business is a 25-year old internet savvy female entrepreneur set to redefine the experience of buying diamond engagement or anniversary rings.

Sabrina Kushnir’s Kush Diamonds is revolutionising the traditional diamond market by creating the perfect balance between online, wholesale and retail business models. Their hybrid model means no shop front, but clients can choose the diamond online and view it obligation free in the private Kush office in Little Collins Street Melbourne.

Sabrina launched Kush Diamonds in early 2011 with a private family investment. Her family has been in the Australian diamond and jewellery industry for over 35 years - her dad is a jeweller, her mother is a gemmologist and her grandmother is a pearl threader.

Kush Diamonds offer original handcrafted creations – one of a kind works of art. “We craft each piece individually by hand. The experience starts with a loose centre diamond - and the process to create a lifelong piece of art commences from the ‘inside out’,” Sabrina explains.

Within weeks of being launched, the Kush Diamonds internet site received over 10,000 visits and no-obligation appointments are filling fast. Sabrina hopes to achieve a first year turnover of at least $1 million. She plans to expand the unique service offering into Sydney and Brisbane in the next few years.

“We are an innovative and ‘game-changing’ boutique player in the Australian diamond industry. Our prices are unbeatable as we sell wholesale,” she says.

Sabrina is redefining the way people shop for diamonds, by taking a major part of the business online. On the Kush Diamonds website users are able to view diamonds in stock, along with prices and the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) certificate. Online videos and articles educate customers on all aspects of diamond buying.

Kush diamonds are graded and certified by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), the number one respected and trusted diamond certification body globally. Kush is also dedicated to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility - all diamonds are 100% conflict free.

“I strongly believe in the intimacy of the experience, and fervently steer away from the world of mass production, wanting to keep Kush boutique,” she says.

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Kush Diamonds

Nestled in a private Kush office on Little Collins Street Melbourne, Kush is a boutique diamond experience designed to inspire the modern renaissance woman - a woman who lives for treasured moments of art, culture and everlasting quality.

Recently launched in Australia, Kush Diamonds is a hidden gem for beautiful engagement rings handcrafted on-site by jewellers who live to preserve the old world art of jewellery creation. A three generation strong family business, the discovery of Kush Diamonds is like stepping into Alice in Wonderland - where little shopfront and street signage will hint to the home of Kush Diamonds.

The company’s history is a rich one, and at the helm of this three generational family business is Australia’s Queen of Diamonds and female entrepreneur Sabrina Kushnir, reining over a family business that spans three generations. Her father is a jeweller, her mother is a gemmologist and her grandmother is a pearl threader.

The experience at Kush Diamonds steers away from the mass produced styles found at many stores, staying true to the company’s core philosophy of a diamond ring being the expression of a special bond between two people. Starting with a loose centre diamond certified by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), jewellers work on-site at Kush to craft the perfect diamond ring by hand - selling direct to customers as well as retailers.

Perched on the 7th Floor on Little Collins Street in the heart of Melbourne’s bustling diamond precinct, it is in this private Kush office that politicians, sporting and entertainment figures alike have taken their loved ones to experience a service that is second to none - high quality, handcrafted diamond jewellery at wholesale prices.

Celebrities, politicians, sports and entertainment stars including Cher have each had a piece of jewellery handcrafted at the current Kush headquarters by Simon Kushnir, father of Kush Diamonds founder Sabrina Kushnir.

Revolutionalising the diamond market in 2012, the offering at Kush Diamonds sends a clear message to the diamond trade: Kush strikes the perfect balance between wholesale and retail. The attraction of an online public database of high quality diamonds, the convenience of the private Kush office in Melbourne and handcrafted diamond jewellery at wholesale prices is an alluring offer - one that makes Kush a favourite destination amongst Melbourne’s men and women of sartorial living.
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