Thursday, February 16th, 2012
Adelaide Thinker in Residence, Martin Seligman, shares a philosophy with Premier Jay Weatherill. The philosophy is about youth immunisation – not vaccinations or medical interventions, but psychological immunisation, building up resilience, character strengths and psychological fitness to guard against trauma, anxiety, stress and depression.

In the first two weeks of his residency, Dr Seligman has delivered two public lectures, in which he has presented his findings from years of academic research and applied practice, that well-being is both measurable and teachable. Dr Seligman then outlined his bold hope that South Australia, by adopting a systematic approach to well-being measurement and intervention, could become an international prototype for how an entire population can be supported to flourish not just economically, but psychologically.

Local positive psychology coach Jo Saies, a long-time follower of Martin Seligman and his work, is both excited and proud that her home state of South Australia is tackling this important challenge. “Positive Psychology is the science of optimum human functioning” says Ms Saies. “It is the scientific study of the conditions that enable individuals, organisations and communities to thrive and flourish. Dr Seligman’s visit should inspire our whole community, from politicians and policy makers, through to educators, CEOs, clinicians and parents, to recognise the important contribution positive psychology can make to our success as a State, and to learn more about the tools and strategies they can use to enhance their own well-being and that of the people they influence.

Jo Saies is director of PB Performance Coaching, an Adelaide based coaching and staff development consulting practice. PB helps unlock individual and organisational potential, developing happy and high performing people able to achieve personal and organisational goals. Services include individual coaching, group training, facilitation and organisational consultancy. PB specialises in the application of evidence based interventions from the exciting field of Positive Psychology to enhance performance, team development, leadership, career development and workplace well-being.

Jo says that when coaching individuals who want to be happier, she helps them to first identify their character strengths and core values that form the foundation for their life decisions. She then helps clients to recognise and implement the range of strategies to increase happiness and well-being that are within their control. “Many people are searching for happiness, but they often look for it in all the wrong places. They believe that material possessions, external circumstances or just ‘positive thinking’ will somehow make them happy, but authentic happiness comes from what you bring to the world, not what you take from it”.

When speaking to organisations or in public forums about happiness, Jo says it’s important to convey that the tools and strategies she describes are based on scientific evidence. “This is not pop psychology, or me just dreaming up an idea with a great marketing plan” emphasises Jo. “Positive psychology is a scientific discipline grounded in academic research. It’s contribution to increasing individual, organisational and community success and well-being, is therefore well documented and increasingly well recognised.”

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Jo is available for radio, TV or print media interviews coinciding with Dr Seligman’s SA visit in February.

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PB Performance Coaching

PB Performance Coaching is an Adelaide based professional coaching and HR consultancy practice. We help unleash individual and organisational potential, developing happy and high performing people able to achieve personal and organisational goals.
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