Wednesday, February 15th, 2012
Although the Australian economy is better placed than many others around the world, economic issues remain the most important problem facing the country as environmental concerns gradually slip away. This poll data is outlined in the recently launched Roy Morgan Research State of the Nation Report 10 which includes a spotlight on the Business Outlook for 2012.
The new report comprises historical and current trends based on broad topics such as society, technology, the economy, politics and the environment, illustrating how Australia and Australians have changed over the past thirteen years. For example, do you know the rates at which smoking, gambling and alcohol consumption are declining? Are you aware of the types of websites most visited by Australians? Do you have the most recent financial indicators such as unemployment, consumer and business confidence, inflation, interest rates and superannuation? These, plus many more, are all detailed in the February report.

One section of the State of the Nation Report involves data from a nationwide poll based on the most important issues facing the country. Economic Issues topped this list, being nominated by 35% of Australians (14+), and followed by Government, Political & Human Rights (28%), Environmental Issues (11%), Social Issues (9%), Health Issues (5%), Terrorism (1%) and Energy Issues (1%).

Most Important Issues Facing Australia

Source: Roy Morgan Research Telephone Poll, January 17/18, n = 646.

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:
“Without having long term historical data, it is often difficult to separate popular ‘flavours of the month’ from important societal shifts. The big advantage of the State of the Nation Report is the data which stretches back to the late 1990’s, making analysis of the changing trends of Australian much easier and accurate.

“Understanding the entire changing face of Australian society will benefit business in today’s competitive market, a market only made harder by uncertain economic conditions. The Roy Morgan Research State of the Nation Report is a comprehensive tool which will give you the complete picture of Australia covering both consumers and businesses.”

Roy Morgan’s Australian State of the Nation Report 10 will provide an understanding into the trends and issues facing Australians today. This report provides accurate and relevant information on the State of the Nation in terms of Society, Technology, Economy, Politics, and Environment.

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