Friday, September 25th, 2009
Queensland’s first supported living neighbourhood, Tall Trees Rochedale, has appointed Christina Monk as its new manager.

Ms Monk has taken on the position after working with the Tall Trees Group since January 2008 when she commenced as office co-ordinator for the Welcome Team taking on the additional responsibility of resident liaison coordinator in late 2008.

Ms Monk says the appointment is a fantastic opportunity to use the experience already gained within the group to effectively manage the neighbourhood and to ensure the continued well being and support of the residents.

“I am already familiar with the neighbourhood and personally believe in the concept of supported living, so while challenging, taking on the role was a natural step forward for me,” Ms Monk says.

“While concentrating on the day-to-day and longer term administration of the neighbourhood is important, it’s the wellbeing and care of the residents that I place as a priority.

“I have many years experience in administration and finance, but it’s working with people that I cherish the most and I try to promote an attitude where the word ‘no’ is not used, but rather work towards an outcome that suits everyone.”

Supported living is closely aligned with the concept of ageing in place, now recognised as a beneficial way for seniors to make the transition from various stages in their lives without the physical and emotional disruptions of moving.

Tall Trees director Alan Powell says he is delighted with Ms Monk’s appointment as her knowledge of the neighbourhood and resident’s needs means she’ll easily step into the role.

“Appointing new positions internally is always a preferable outcome as it means we retain knowledge within the group which is a huge benefit of all,” Mr Powell says.

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Tall Trees is a supported living community that provides an additional level of care over other retirement facilities, allowing residents the ability to live independently whilst still having community based medical care and household support.
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Tall Trees Rochedale appoints Christina Monk as new manager.


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