Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Augmented Reality and application specialists, Explore Engage along with Slingshot Virtual and Sony Home Entertainment have launched a highly engaging and interactive Augmented Reality application for iPhone and iPad, entitled “Your Smurf”.

The App turns the cover of the “The Smurfs” 4 Play Box DVD release -- available exclusively at JB HI Fi stores in Australia -- into a virtual stage for Clumsy Smurf. For the first time ever, see a Smurf come to life in the real world.

Watch as Clumsy comes alive in the palm of your hand, via the users iPhone or iPad device. Users are able to interact or play with Clumsy Smurf, take a picture with him, upload to Facebook and share their Smurf experience with their friends.

Once Clumsy appears, players can interact with him in a number of ways:

Tickle – Touch Clumsy to tickle him and make him double over with laughter.

Walk – Touch anywhere on the “Four Play” box visible on your phone screen to make a mushroom appear. Clumsy will walk to this mushroom.

Picture Pose 1 – select the Clumsy Image Icon to make Clumsy assume a cool dance pose. Clumsy will hold this pose until you touch the “4 Play” box visible on your phone screen. Take a picture with Clumsy and then upload to Facebook or save it to your camera roll.

Picture Pose 2 - select the Thumb Icon to make Clumsy assume a thumbs up pose. Clumsy will hold this pose until you touch the “4 Play” box visible on your phone screen. Take a picture with Clumsy and then upload to Facebook or save it to your camera roll.

Luke Crane, CEO of Explore Engage said, “We are very pleased at the level of engagement that users are having with this application, which we believe is another local market first in triggering an augmented reality experience off a DVD package.”

Crane also said, “The application has been downloaded over 100,000 times in just over three weeks and users are spending an average of 3 minutes engaging with the app, with over 70% taking photos with Clumsy. The your Smurf” app achieved #2 position in the entertainment chart and top 10 in the overall chart on the App store just after launch, which is a phenomenal result!”

Stanley Tan, General Manager from Slingshot Virtual said, “the Your Smurf app did not just exceed Slingshots expectations, it smashed all our projected download forecast. Explore Engage built creatively on our agreed strategy and vision and executed the technical components of the solution flawlessly. These mind-boggling download numbers show what can happen when you combine innovative technology with a highly effective holistic campaign (Media /Digital and Virtual) implemented and executed by the Slingshot Group.”


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Luke Crane
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Clumsy Smurf - tap to tickle

Clumsy Smurf - thumbs Up
Luke Crane
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