Tuesday, February 14th, 2012
All warranty contracts from the major home warranty companies are designed to protect the owners from expensive repair unpredictable, eliminating a lot of trouble. Emergency reserve, or to protect the owners of their own reserves, home warranty can be seen as backing. Home warranty more that do not know their own warranty, or if a problem occurs cannot find the owners of the repairman to help. Attaches great importance to the owners of expensive electrical appliances in the home, home and warranty is also a great protection.

Generally the time of the sale of home will be covered in home warranty. Home warranty clearly provides the owners with house equipment warranty profile (or the new home devices reliability).Home warranty also helps owners who have depleted their savings to purchase their homes to avoid additional substantial warranty expenditures. Seller, the new owners to buy a one-year warranty, to protect them, to avoid problems arise, the buyer make a complaint after the home sales. However, the provision of home warranty does not mean that the seller can avoid the legal requirement; you must publish the problems in house.

The home and warranty of its inadequacies. If the warranty of home is so perfect, each person should be armed with a. But the truth is not so, why?

Home warranty of the main deficiencies is that it does not cover the equipment life time disrepair. How to define adequate warranty, it can be said to be a very gray area, often lead to disputes between the owners and warranty companies. In the worst case, dishonesty and Warranty Company will use the grounds of warranty of misconduct, refuse indemnity. There are other circumstances, such as owners in the on-call warranty staff would come, whether due to equipment through proper warranty dispute.

Another common problem is that homeowners buy a second-hand home, water, throat head may take up to 12 years without warranty, so the new owners how hard warranty, does not alter the fact dilapidated. Therefore, home and warranty are not covered by the scope and limits also an annual warranty of each.

In contrast, the cost of home warranty is cheaper than many home repair or replacement of major equipment, which is also one of the most important selling points of the home warranty. However, sometimes many years apart, no damage or failure in the home, many years down the owner can be described as vain to pay $450 annual fee (only a clear conscience). Equal to the money or into emergency reserves to repair or replace the equipment covered by the home warranty. In addition, homeowner warranty services obtain compensation was rejected, he may feel spent on the annual fee and on-site warranty costs is a waste.

With the home warranty, equipment damage, do not have to specifically look for someone to repair, but if you want to pay for repair or replacement of home warranty, they lose the freedom to choose your own independent warranty providers. If you are not satisfied with the service personnel or their work, but also helpless. Furthermore, once the third party (home warranty company) involved in the warranty has become so complicated, the owner and warranty company to deal directly is much simpler. Homeowners may be the model or brand of the replacement equipment cannot participate in views - even if the warranty contract sets out the need to provide similar or related quality replacement.

For owners of the risks faced by the home warranty is not a perfect solution. Before making a purchase, the owner should read carefully the details of the warranty contracts, and consider whether it is worth to buy. Seller To purchase a copy of warranty for future buyers / owners, or buyers will have this protection reassuring, both need to be carefully collect information to find a reputable home warranty company, payable when there is a need necessary repair works.

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