Saturday, February 11th, 2012
Accurate customer-side energy management tools now come with WiFi communications, networking via the Internet and a ‘light touch’.

Sydney-based technology developer Wattwatchers launched its new website today, showcasing its range of low-cost, Class 1-accurate and real-time energy management devices.

The Wattwatchers system enables ‘energy saving networks’ for both residential and commercial settings, and also offers commercial sub-metering that is ‘uncomplicated, unwired and uncostly’.

The target market includes a wide range of energy services companies, progressive energy retailers, corporate and community-based networks, micro-grids, and government and academic research and demonstration projects.

Wattwatchers is committed to delivering tools for the Energy Information Age with a light touch – low cost for consumers, low overheads for operation and low resource use for the environment – with a focus on:
Value for money – inexpensive and cost effective systems
Resource efficiency – small size units, no batteries, wireless installation, leverages existing communications infrastructure
Minimal energy use –products are designed around low-power chipsets
Data productivity – real-time communications with very low overhead protocols
Reusability – products can be recovered, reprogrammed and reinstalled

The heart of the system is a Wattwatchers Auditor®, which comes in a range of models for commercial and residential applications, combining the functions of a power meter, an energy meter, a data logger and an Internet appliance.

When hardwired into electrical circuits, an Auditor® streams real-time data via WiFi to the Internet using existing local or home area IP networks, with data delivered simultaneously to local networks, externally-hosted cloud services and relay servers to support existing Building Management software or Mobile applications. Any number of Auditor® devices, from any location, can be networked as part of the system.

Contact Profile

Wattwatchers Pty Ltd

Wattwatchers is part of the Energy Saving Networks Group, specialising in open, real-time observation and control technologies for power demand networks.

Founded in 2007, we’ve researched all aspects of the energy market and how it does (or doesn’t) touch our daily lives. Based on what we’ve learned, we’ve developed technologies that underpin the Energy Information Age and enable the customer-side to benefit from its role in an efficient and equitable Smart Grid.

Our vision is an energy conscious society, powered by information age tools.
Our role in this is to create systems to manage and control energy:
-To use existing infrastructures to form networks.
-To engage the networks to share and compare data, solutions and services.
-To encourage these networks to be available for grid-scale efficiencies.
Paul Wiszniak
P: 0401125435


Energy Efficiency, Smart Grid, Metering, Energy Saving Networks



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