Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

A program stored on a specially designed USB flash drive (memory stick) is now available to allow users to easily record their personal medical history, current medication, allergies and other details deemed necessary or helpful to medical professionals, paramedics and police, in the event of an emergency.

MediKord has been developed in Australia to overcome the serious limitations of not having a centralised national health data base. The MediKord is a discreet, convenient and portable method of enabling ready access to the user’s medical history on a Windows based PC.

MediKord has a decided advantage over medical alert bracelets and alert jewellery in that it has room for a user’s detailed medical record and emergency contacts, rather than just one word or phone number.

As MediKord details a patient’s medical history, medications, contact details for doctors and specialists, as well as emergency contacts, it is perfect for the elderly, young children, travellers, and those with chronic ailments such as diabetes, epilepsy, heart conditions, asthma or those at risk of experiencing confusion or loss of consciousness while out of the house.

The lightweight and carefully thought out eye-catching USB memory device is clearly printed on both sides in circular form. The MediKord is discreet and takes up very little space in a wallet or purse. Alternatively, it can be worn on a lanyard, or pinned to the inside of a coat pocket.

Unlike other centralised medical record devices, the MediKord device stands alone. There are no ongoing fees, and no requirement to connect to the internet to update the record on third party servers. The user is also in full control of the quantity and quality of the information recorded. Thus the MediKord affords the user a higher level of privacy than centralised record keeping services. However, it must be emphasised that such confidential records are the owner's/patient's responsibility and care should be taken not to lose the device or leave it lying around. A backup should be kept in a secure place.

Although MediKord has facilities for password protection, it is NOT recommended as emergency personnel may be unable access the device in the event of the patient not remembering the password or being unconscious.

Enquiries welcome. Please contact MediKord Technology at www.medikord.com.au

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