Saturday, February 11th, 2012

Big Solar is the hot topic in Canberra today as the major players in the solar industry gather for an industry briefing on the tendering process for the 40 megawatt solar project which will position the A.C.T. as Australia’s solar capital.

More than 150 Big Solar leaders and innovators attended the Solar Auction RFP Industry Briefing.

Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES) Chief Executive John Grimes commended the A.C.T. Government for moving quickly towards the tender process and project deployment.

“This is real and moving fast,” said Grimes.

“The A.C.T. Government obviously understands the huge advantages Big Solar offers in reduced energy costs and energy security.”

“The global solar industry is seeing record growth with Governments moving fast to deploy Big Solar. It is great to see this now happening in Australia.”

This is a win for A.C.T. taxpayers and the solar industry as a whole in Australia.

Grimes urged other States to consider backing Big Solar projects saying Australian’s have demonstrated over and over again their support for solar.

Last year was a critical year for solar, the price of solar PV fell by nearly half not only in Australia but also around the world. Australia broke through the one gigawatt mark and the opportunity lies for the A.C.T. to add to this proud record.

The International Energy Agency predicts solar will emerge as the backbone of the world’s energy market providing 50 per cent of electricity demand by 2050.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance has estimated the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, backed by a price on carbon pollution, could help deliver 5 gigawatts (5,000 megawatts) of large-scale solar photovoltaics and 2 gigawatts (2,000 megawatts) of large-scale solar thermal by 2020, on top of many gigawatts of residential and commercial solar.

AuSES is sponsoring the Big Solar Luncheon today at 12pm.

Editors Please note: AuSES Chief Executive John Grimes will be available to comment on the briefing.

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