Friday, February 10th, 2012

A4e (Action for employment) Australia wins funding in the Aged Care sector

A4e Australia, a leading provider of workforce training and development, has secured funding of approximately $40,000 to provide much needed training in the Aged Care sector, through the National Workforce Development Fund.

Minister for Tertiary Education and Skills, Chris Evans announced, that Under the National Workforce Development Fund, the Australian Government will provide $558 million to the education sector, over four years, to support training and workforce development in areas of current and future skills.

Skills Director for A4e, Darren Otten said A4e will provide training for new workers in the Aged Care sector: “The Aged Care sector is crying out for staff, but many potential employees don’t currently have the skills and qualifications they need to get these jobs, so that’s where AETS comes in.”

“As there are high workforce and skills shortages in Aged Care, employers are now looking more broadly at the pool of individuals who are available for employment. Thanks to this funding, AETS can now continue to provide the training that is required so potential employees can develop the skills employers require,” Darren added.

The Fund is part of the Australian Government’s Building Australia’s Future Workforce package and also forms part of Australian Government Skills Connect, an initiative designed to consolidate Government skills programs and better target training to meet industry and employer needs.

Senator Chris Evans says: “More than $87 million will be provided to help skill and up-skill 23,777 workers through more than 250 industry driven projects including 33 projects with a focus on the construction sector and 51 with a focus on the Aged Care sector.”

Darren said: “Under the program, AETS uses its training expertise in collaboration with employer partners to design, develop and deliver tailored education and training solutions in the Aged Care sector.

“AETS training packages include a combination of nationally accredited classroom-based units and work placements that will meet the skill requirements for Aged Care worker positions, ensure that competencies acquired in off-the-job training are matched with on-the-job experience; improve service delivery; and ensure competency and capacity to achieve high levels of productivity on job commencement.”

AETS is part of the A4e, Action for employment, group of companies
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