Wednesday, February 8th, 2012
If you desire to breastfeed and you are able to, you will find that it is both physically and emotionally beneficial to both you and your baby. It can sometimes be tough for a new mom to get started, though. These tips and pieces of advice will help you whether you are an expecting mom planning to breastfeed or a new mom trying to get the hang of it.

Seek Help

Most hospitals have lactation consultants available to support and help new breastfeeding moms get started. A lactation consultant can help you learn to position your baby and assist you if you are having any trouble.

After you head home from the hospital, if you are still having trouble you might consider hiring a lactation consultant to come to your home, or attend a local breastfeeding support group. For some moms and babies breastfeeding comes naturally; for many others a little help is needed to get started. Seeking out assistance will give the best chance of success if you desire to breastfeed your baby.

Proper Equipment

One of the benefits of breastfeeding is that it is simple; there are not a lot of supplies to buy, and there are no bottles to wash unless you choose to occasionally give your baby a bottle. Purchasing or renting a breast pump is a good idea, however, if you would like to be away from your baby, even occasionally. A breastpump hire or rental is a cost effective way to give yourself access to a high quality breast pump only for the time you will need it. This will allow you to express breast milk so that your baby can be bottle fed by your spouse, other family members or a babysitter.

You can purchase special nursing clothing that can make breatfeeding more convenient, but it is not necessary. Comfortable maternity bras are an important purchase for a breastfeeding mother, though. Be sure to purchase a few so that you will have one to wear when others are being washed. It is wise to wait until after baby arrives to purchase nursing bras to ensure a proper fit.

Taking Care of Yourself Means Taking Care of Baby

When you are breastfeeding an infant, the way you eat and care for yourself affects baby. You must be sure to eat healthy foods and get enough rest. It is also important to continue taking pre-natal vitamins while you are breastfeeding since both you and baby need the vitamins.

If you desire to breastfeed but have some trouble getting started; be patient and seek the help you need for the best chance of success. With the right help and equipment, you will probably find that breastfeeding is a positive and easy process that will benefit both you and baby.

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