Wednesday, February 8th, 2012
Melbourne based company Ultramedix Australasia Pty Ltd today announced additions and advances to it’s ultrasound range for 2012

These include enhanced features and new models to the SIUI ultrasound range
Additional developments to the eZono 3000 ultrasound from eZono AG
SIUI - Shantou Institute of Ultrasound Instruments is the biggest manufacturing base of ultrasound in China with multiple advanced SMT lines and transducer and machining production lines. Current annual production capability is up to 8,000 main units and 20,000 transducers for medical ultrasound. With a 40 year heritage they are the longest established ultrasound manufacturer in China and are the leading manufacturer of the industry in China. In-line with China’s huge technological advances in this field SIUI’s equipment has become increasingly competitive over leading world brands and with an unparalleled price advantage. To keep up with demand SIUI are currently completing a new manufacturing complex in a nearby industrial zone that will be more than triple its present size.

Low priced & General purpose
SIUI’s popular CTS -900 small B/W portable is retained for 2012 with more competitive prices than ever that will enhance its appeal to physiotherapists and podiatrists

Portable and 4D Systems – CTS 8800 Plus, Apogee 1100 and Apogee 1200 Omni
The CTS-8800 Plus is a class leading cost-efficient B/W plus 4D portable and follows on the worldwide success of its predecessor the CTS-8800 to take 4D imaging to a wide market . No other Chinese manufacturer offers such a 4D + B/W model as the CTS-8800 Plus with its cost efficiency.

For users seeking a portable color doppler system with 4D capabilities the popular Apogee 1100 is next in the SIUI 2012 lineup. The Apogee 1100 is a compact design high performance real-time triplex colour doppler portable with advanced features found in high end cart based models and is perfectly compatible with Elastrography for breast cancer exams.

The Apogee 1200 Omni is a new portable now going into production and will be available soon. With its 15” medical LCD monitor it will offer comprehensive multi-capability ultrasound applications supported by high density probes, wide band phased array probes, TEE probe , intra operation probe and compact 4D volumetric probe. It will also include a complete cardiovascular package with HPRF, CW doppler, steerable CW doppler, color M-mode, TDI mode, stress echo, IMT vascular measurement and built -in ECG module.

Mobile and 4D System – Apogee 3500 Touch and Apogee 3500 Omni
Upgraded versions of these models with improved imaging, increased channels & probe crystals, multi-beam forming processing, enhanced Color Doppler/grayscale and improved 4D frame rate etc..The Apogee 3500 Touch is designed for general imaging and women’s imaging while the Apogee 3500 Omni is for the general imaging and radiology market, and will appeal to satellite practices.

High end mobile and 4D systems – Apogee 3800 Touch and Apogee 3800 Omni
At the top end of SIUI’s 2012 range the Apogee 3800 Touch is designed for general imaging with a particular emphasis on women’s imaging centres while the Apogee 3800 Omni is tailored to radiology and cardiovascular applications. The Apogee 3800 Omni has an upgraded new platform and is the flagship of the range with it’s comprehensive functions it is an all-in-one clinical solution including cardiology exams.


The eZono 3000 from eZono AG is an innovative point-of-care ultrasound designed for ease of use and simplicity with emphasis on superb image quality for anaesthetics nerve imaging, vascular access, intensive care and emergency department applications .

In 2011 eZono added 2 great functionality upgrades, 3 new transducers and 36 new cue cards to the eZono 3000 and it is packed full of new features and functions for 2012.

The revolutionary design of the eZono 3000 is mainly software centered with regular downloadable software upgrades available free of charge to all users from time to time. This metamorphic ability protects against obsolescence effectively prolonging longevity with easily downloadable software upgrades on a regular basis to new and improved features and functions available to all registered users.

The other unique feature of the eZono 3000 is it’s Cue Cards. A plethora of cue cards are likewise available for download to all users free of charge. The cue cards are an excellent teaching tool for doctors to accelerate their learning curve and confidence.
These cover:
Vascular Access: internal jugular, axillary, femoral
Regional Anaesthesia: Interscalene, supraclavicular, axillary, intercostal, femoral,
proximal sciatic, distal sciatic
Emergency: FAST & FEEL and much more including a new PREP Program, Abdominal Aortic Aneurism and Pleural examination


additions and advances to diagnostic ultrasound range for 2012



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