Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

You've never seen (or heard of) a clothing brand with a mission such as Dewalio Clothing Co!!

Founded by 17 year old, Alex Jeffery, Dewalio Clothing Co. is set to create massive change both through the clothing and not. With the mission to inspire, encourage and help people take control or their lives and write their own story, never has a clothing company had such a strong vision, and never has the owner been so determined to make it happen.

Over the holidays Alex has been training with some of the top business and life coaches in the world and has come out with some amazing messages and lessons to share. To capture the audience and share them in a fun, fresh and unique way he has chosen clothing!

Wait, not only is it Dewalio's aim to create this change through clothing but also taking it to another level and supplying clothing to those in third-world villages as well. "There is a great need for clothing (something we all take too much for granted) and being in the clothing industry makes it a must to give back in any way possible" said Alex. He is currently in conversation with organisations with the plan to partner and get this project off within the next 2 weeks.

The pressure in on stores to get their hands on this brand as demand is set to be very high! Such a brand could dramatically increase a store's public image and is certain to increase the rapport between customers and the store itself.

Get ready to see a huge release as Dewalio Clothing Co. is set to hit the stores for Autumn/Winter in 2012!

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Alex Jeffery

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