Tuesday, February 7th, 2012
Amidst increasing publicity, Fruit and Veg looks set to become the new battleground of the supermarket price war. The latest Roy Morgan Supermarket Currency Report shows Woolworths holds the highest percentage of market share ahead of Fruit and Veg shops, and a surging Coles is not far behind.

The Roy Morgan Report estimates the Fruit and Veg market to be of the order of $14.5 billion per annum. It shows Woolworths leading in Fruit and Vegetable market share since they overtook Fruit and Veg shops in December 2009. What is also evident is that the market share for Fruit and Veg shops has been in decline since December 2008, whilst Coles during the same period has surged.

Given the rapid increase of market share Coles has been experiencing since December 2008, it seems likely they will also pass Fruit and Veg shops in the near future.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Market Share

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, Oct 07 – Sep 08 n = 14,410, Oct 10 – Sep 11 n = 12,699.
Note: Actual report includes other retailers which are not mentioned in the above chart.

When looking at the fresh meat category, butchers have always held the highest percentage of market share in the category, but not by a great margin ahead of Woolworths. Recent trends indicate market share for Coles has increased in the meat category, so the question is, will the Fresh Meat category go the same way that Fresh Fruit and Veg has gone, and will butchers be overtaken at some point by one of the supermarkets?

Fresh Meat Market Share

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, Oct 07 – Sep 08 n = 11,991, Oct 10 – Sept 11  n = 10,604.
Note: Actual report includes other retailers which are not mentioned in the above chart.

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Whilst Woolworths has the majority market share in the Fresh Fruit and Veg category, Fruit and Veg shops are still ahead of Coles by a considerable margin. However looking at the trends in the Supermarket Currency report, it is highly likely that the growth being made by Coles will lead to Fruit and Veg shops also being overtaken by Coles in the near future.

“Whilst both supermarkets have placed a heavy emphasis on the ‘fresh’ message in their advertising, this does not influence the meat category in the same way, as the customer should expect all meat produce to be ‘fresh’.

“According to the most recent report, Butchers have held the largest percentage of market share in the fresh meat category over the last eight years, ahead of Coles and Woolworths. But the question remains how long will they be able to hold onto that lead, given the trends in other fresh categories.

“The recent advertising from Coles that all of their meat is now 100% hormone free could be the catalyst needed to shift the balance in supermarkets favour for market share within the meat category.”

More detail can be found in the Roy Morgan Supermarket and Fresh Food Currency Report. This report offers a comprehensive look into the supermarket and fresh food market, covering trends such as market size and share, and customer penetration. The report also offers individual sections focusing on fresh bread, fresh deli, fresh meat and Fruit and Veg.

Detailed individual sections of Roy Morgan’s Supermarket and Fresh Food Currency Report are specific reports based on various sectors of the supermarket and fresh food industry, including fresh bread, fresh deli, fresh Fruit and Veg and fresh meat.

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