Monday, February 6th, 2012
Which one do you use? You could probably ask a group of 20 parents and you may find 1 in that group is using cloth nappies. There are not a huge number of cloth nappy users, but the numbers seem to be increasing.

“The thought of using cloth nappies, makes a lot of parents squirm” says Ms Barilla. “If only they knew how easy it is, and no, you will not be covered in poo when changing babies nappies.

Eco Bums cloth nappy library, provides parents the opportunity to hire a kit of cloth nappies to try them before they make a decision if it is for them and their baby.

“Some parents have the best intentions to go straight to cloth nappies, however they may invest in a brand of cloth nappy that does not work for them. They are then put off from using cloth nappies again” says Grace Barila

Eco Bums have taken the hard work out for parents, by choosing 4 brands of nappies that covers the different styles that are out in the market. Parents get the opportunity to try them before they buy them.

So far, 2 local councils have partnered with Eco Bums to promote the use of cloth nappies to their residents. Both councils are subsidising the cost of the cloth nappy kits that are for hire.

“It is easier to use modern cloth nappies than people might think, with biodegradable liners and wet bags, modern nappies are a far cry from the heavy cloth nappies of yesteryear,” claims Ms Barilla.

“Cloth nappies have come a long way since terry towelling squares - modern versions are much more absorbent, less bulky, easier to wash and are just as easy to use as disposables, while looking great!

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