Sunday, February 5th, 2012
SINGER, actor, mother, make-up artist, ex-model and fashion designer Joanna Ferguson has just launched an extensive range of new denim wear – not bad for someone who once failed her high school sewing class.

Confessing her love for denim, Ferguson has launched the JO DENHAM Designer Jeans brand that embraces iconic Australian landmarks in each style and uses the Southern Cross as an accessible and universally-recognised symbol.

“I had always wanted my own fashion label because I was often tweaking and customising my outfits from op shops, so it made sense to design jeans as they’re all I ever wear,” she said.

“I’ve been sketching designs and the human form since I was a child and received a fashion design sketch stencil kit at age seven. My imagination was always stronger than my skill set, so I’ve had to teach myself as I go along.”

The name JO DENHAM Designer Jeans stems from Ferguson’s own name (she’s named after Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley) and her middle name, Denham, which she also uses as a stage name.

“Denham is also the WA coastal town where my parents holidayed whilst pregnant, inspiring my namesake much the same way Australia inspires me when I design my jeans.” she said. “It made sense to relate my musical profile to my jeans and the play-on-words with Denham and denim was a nice marketing touch.”

Using Australian landmarks for each denim style was initially inspired by the JO DENHAM Designer Jeans logo, featuring the Southern Cross.

“I built on my stylisation from there, using Aussie landscapes to evoke specific design elements that fit within standardised, traditional cuts of denim jeans, such as the Pinnacle Skinnies, Kakadu Plum and Ningaloo Reefers,” Ferguson said.

“When I was a girl, I remember driving around Australia, in awe of the natural beauty of this country and everything it represented to a young, wide-eyed, free-spirited go-getter... yet still seemingly taking it for granted.

“I wanted to pay homage to our national wonderments and introduce them to the rest of the world via today’s pop culture because fashion and music are big and powerful communicators to our younger generation.

Several varieties of JO DENHAM Designer Jeans are available, including:
• Kakadu Plum (women’s boot cut).
• Southern Cross (men’s and women’s straight leg).
• Pilbara Dust (men’s boot cut).
• Ningaloo Reefers (men’s straight leg).
• Cossack Ghost (women’s straight leg).
• Pinnacle Skinnies (women’s skinny leg).
• Nullarbor Drovers (men’s boot cut).
• Uluru Ayers Rock & Rollers (women’s boot cut).
• Kalgoorlie Gold Diggers (women’s skinny leg deluxe edition).
• Roebuck Bay Pearlers (women’s skinny leg deluxe edition).
• Scarborough Beach Bums (women’s raw-edge mini-shorts).
• Rottnest Island Hoppers (women’s mini-shorts).

Ferguson said she wanted to create jeans that covered several bases, including straight leg, boot cut, skinny leg, mid-rise, low-rise, casual and smart, spanning all four seasons, from continent to continent.

“That’s the beauty of denim – it’s in fashion all year round and has a uniting effect on people,” she said. “Denim doesn’t discriminate and that’s why everybody owns a pair of jeans.

“For this reason, I’ve used a selection of different weight fabrics and colours in various twills to accommodate an Aussie summer right through to a US winter.”

After spending 18 months doing market research and developing prototypes, Ferguson made sure her designer jeans tackled common problems that can be a nuisance.

“Personally, I hated the way my favourite belt had ‘over-hang’, so I designed jeans with additional belt loops at the front to counter this,” she said.

“My designs have everything from shallow front pockets to reduce ‘thigh-scrunching’ to strategically-placed back pockets that sit both high and central to give the illusion of a higher, firmer bottom.

“I also didn’t want to exclude girls with so-called ‘pancake butts’ – no bum – so my Kakadu Plum style accentuates and adds to a less curvy derriere with asymmetrical, pocket flaps and lower positioning.”

Ferguson also makes it clear that her Southern Cross logo is about celebrating different ethnicities in Australia, not promoting intolerance or ignorance.

“The Southern Cross has always been a navigational tool used by explorers to guide them to their destination and I would like to think our jeans inspire people, more than anything,” she said.

Currently, the JO DENHAM Designer Jeans brand operates online at and Ebay, with stock also available at Style House (1/52 Davidson Terrace, Joondalup) and Ginger Owl in Scarborough.

JO DENHAM aims to expand to both local and interstate retail outlets by late 2012. Stockist expressions of interest can be directed to [email protected]

JO DENHAM-joanna ferguson.jpg: Fashion designer Joanna Ferguson modelling her JO DENHAM wear.

fashion2-5: A range of JO DENHAM jeans on parade.

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JO DENHAM Designer Jeans

Introducing JO DENHAM Designer Jeans, with the effortless, carefree style you would expect from an Australian fashion brand. JO DENHAM Designer Jeans have that undertone of simple, raw appeal derived from Australian heritage.

Inspired by the unique visual appeal of Australian landmarks such as Uluru & Kakadu, JO DENHAM Designer Jeans are designed to create statement style.

We listen to our customers.
After speaking to many frustrated people, we found out there were key issues in finding the right jeans. We've found simple solutions to those challenges & made sure our jeans rectify those particular concerns.

Additional features included in some of our JO DENHAM Designer jeans include: extra belt loops to ensure there is no belt overhang. Our back pockets either enhance & create the illusion of curves or streamline & lift an already curvaceous behind. Our designs are kept simple, yet stylish, so you can wear them from season to season, year after year.

We offer women’s sizes from 6 to 16 while we offer men’s sizes from 30” waist to 40”waist. We cater to both men & women who have specific body issues that make regular jeans shopping a challenging & frustrating task.
Joanna Ferguson
P: 0418 154 874


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