Friday, February 3rd, 2012
An Australian company is looking to improve the online job search industry with the launch of their new website. The website is a job search website that has been designed to solve the frustrations that job advertisers and job seekers experience on other job search websites.

Bernadette Williams, a director of, says that the way people look for employment in Australia and the way employers find new employees has changed enormously over recent years.

“Increasingly, job seekers are looking for ways to simplify their job hunt to find a position matching the criteria they want. Likewise, job advertisers want to make sure their job vacancies get shown to the right prospects.”

The website was designed to make it fast for job hunters to find a suitable job and easy for employers to quickly shortlist suitable candidates.

Ms Williams says there are many additional benefits with the new website and would really like job advertisers to experience the benefits for themselves. Bernadette says that her company are very proud of the website developed but plan to keep growing to stay at the forefront of their industry.

“We looked at the biggest complaints that employers have regarding finding a new employee and came up with solutions to those problems. Our website addresses the strong desire for businesses to quickly post ads and sort through potential employees. At the same time we believe we make it much easier for job seekers to find the right job for them,” Ms Williams said.

The 4 founding directors of the new employment website, all have a wealth of experience in the hiring process. Their experiences hiring staff allowed them to develop a system that made the hiring process more efficient than any other option on the market.
While early days for the website have had a very favourable response, the Brand New Jobs team don’t plan on just resting with the status quo. Ms Williams says the website development team regularly researches employment trends, jobseeker opinions, and conducts qualitative and quantitative research from the public and user responses. All of that information is used for modifying and improving the website.

One of the many features designed to attract job seekers to is having a system in place where job hunters automatically receive notification as new jobs are posted that suit information they complete in their profile. A job seeker registration demo is shown in the youtube video.

For further information or to arrange an interview with Bernadette Williams please call Alyssa Barry on (07) 5580 6450 or email [email protected]


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Australian company and employment search website was founded in Queensland in 2011. After months of development and user trials the website was launched in early 2012.

Job seekers can search for jobs by location, job type, salary or even within their company/brand of will receive alerts as new jobs relevant to the criteria they have selected in their profile are listed. The system is designed so that applicants always receive an update as to the status of their application as the hiring process progresses.

Employers benefit from a sophisticated job posting system that makes filtering and responding to all applicants fast and easy. When posting a job vacancy the advertiser can brand the job ad template to suit them and keep it on file for use whenever a position becomes available. After shortlisting suitable applicants the system will automatically thank unsuccessful applicants for their time and notify them of the status of their application.

The concept was designed by highly experienced managers and recruitment personnel who identified an opportunity to improve upon existing options in the Australian online job search market.
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