Friday, February 3rd, 2012
Opaltone Australasia announces the appointment of a Business Development Manager to commence the roll-out of the recently Patented, 6 colour Inkjet printing system, and the development of a nationwide sales team.

Mr. John Feeney comes to Opaltone Australasia with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management and a wealth of experience in promotion and sales of new products.

Mr. Steve Holman MD of Opaltone Australasia, said he was impressed with John’s integrity and sense of customer importance, Steve stated that ‘he is a perfect fit for Opaltone’.

The secret of Opaltone’s success in the Packaging printing market since 1998, is the marriage of the Additive (RGB) and Subtractive (CMY) colour systems.

The inkjet product consists of, the Opaltone VK RIP and 6 colour AuquaFlo™ ink set CMYRGB, the system does not require Black, this is created in the VK RIP and output as a combination of RGB giving a perfect Black result without the need to use Carbon Black pigment which is an environmental plus for the ‘CarbonKfree™’ system.

The initial market that Opaltone Australasia is targeting, is that of Graphic Proofing, since the system can match any CMYK + Spot colour file, or any XG color system, not just the Opaltone multi colour system.

This means a significant advantage for CPC Brand Managers, Advertising agencies and Designers. Even indoor signs, Posters, exhibition signage and Art reproduction can be vastly improved from use of this system.

Steve said it is hard to believe there are so many positives with the digital inkjet system, stating that;

Opaltone is Better
Opaltone will save you Money
Opaltone is better for the Environment

For more information please contact:

John Feeney – 0422 269 984 Steve Holman – 0413 743 334 visit

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Opaltone Australasia pty ltd

Opaltone Australasia is a world leader in expanded color gamut technology. The Opaltone 7 color process system has been in use since 1998 used widely in the printing of food packaging. More recently Opaltone has developed the means to adapt it's revolutionary color system to the inkjet market. Opaltone's success has been the ability to successfully combine the 2 color systems of CMY and RGB to provide the widest possible digital color gamut.
Stephen Holman
P: +61 7 5561 1125
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