Monday, February 6th, 2012

HeartKids ambassadors Glenn Archer, Archie Thompson and Robbie Kearns will be promoting the HeartKids awareness month during February.

Glenn, Archie and Robbie, along with HeartKids children will be decorating gingerbread at the Storm rugby ground at Melbourne Park early February.

Radio interviews will be available with Glenn Archer, Robbie Kearns and Terry Hopkins the HeartKids CEO throughout February 2012.

Heart Disease is the greatest killer of children under the age of 5. More than 4 children die each week as a result of the disease. 

There is no cure for congenital heart disease.

Throughout February, the non-for profit HeartKids foundation hopes to raise awareness for their charity, and also raise funds in order to purchase a new MRI compatible pressure recording system.

Head of Cardiology at Royal Children’s Hospital, Michael Cheung, describes how this is currently the best, non-invasive way of examining blood flow and to measure the size of heart chambers.

The Royal Children’s Hospital would be the first Australian medical center with such capabilities. This technology could potentially reveal information on how surgical techniques could be adapted in order to improve a congenital heart disease patient’s circulation.

Brumby’s along with Michele’s Patisserie, Donut King and other Retail Food Group (RFG) brands are the official new major sponsors of HeartKids, each with special offers throughout the month of February where proceeds will be sent to HeartKids. Brumby’s is offering special gingerbreads, with Michele’s Patisserie offering heart-shaped lamingtons and Donut King selling heart-shaped donuts.

The partnership is the first time the six RFG brands – Donut King, Michele’s Patisserie, Brumby’s Bakeries, Brumby’s GO!, bb’s cafe and Big Dad’s Pies – have come together for one campaign.

Donations are also available at these food outlets as well as at the HeartKids website

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