Friday, February 3rd, 2012
Today, Lose Baby Weight, the weight loss website responsible for assisting Aussie mums lose over 70,000kgs,have unveiled their new Breastfeeding Friendly 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan.

Priced at only $1 a day, the new program is specifically designed to provide safe and healthy weight loss methods for breastfeeding mums and is available now online at Lose Baby Weight.

The Breastfeeding Friendly 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan has been created by leading experts in the field of nutrition and post pregnancy exercise.

Founder of Lose Baby Weight, Rhian Allen says, "As a mum myself, my main concern was making sure my baby was getting the right nutrition from me, while I was trying to get back to my healthy weight. So, it was really important for me to work with experienced and high calibre nutrition and post natal exercise experts to create a safe 28 Day Plan that works.”

The nutrition and diet plan has been devised by Kathleen Allume, who is the founder of The Right Balance Consultancy and has over 10 years in the health and nutrition field.

“The diet plans have not only been designed to be quick and easy to follow, but to also give optimal nutrition and energy. The daily plans are also packed with foods to help boost milk supply while the mum is breastfeeding,” said Kathleen.

Experienced Post Natal Fitness Instructor, John Allen has developed the exercise plans. John has worked with thousands of post natal mums to achieve their health and fitness goals and has a reputation for getting results is a safe and manageable way.

John says, “As most new mums are very time poor and exhausted from lack of sleep, I have designed simple exercise programs that can be incorporated into their day and don’t require them to join a gym – you can even exercise while making a cup of tea.”

The Breastfeeding Friendly 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan includes:

• A daily food plan

• Shopping lists

• Recipes

• Nutritional information

• A daily exercise plan

• Motivation and inspiration

• Advice on how to maintain the weight loss

The Lose Baby Weight website aims to offer mums all over Australia advice, recipes, tips, inspiration and constant motivation. The Breastfeeding Friendly 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan is available now at Lose Baby Weight at and RRP of $28 – just $1 a day.


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Lose Baby Weight offers safe and healthy weight loss products and plans to help mums lose weight when they feel 100% ready to do so (we do not put pressure on mums to lose weight and only support them to lose weight when they are ready). The plans and products are created by nutritionists and post natal exercise experts and include diet and exercise plans, cook books, exercise DVD's, calorie bibles and meal replacement smoothies plus a huge amount of free online support and content - including over 500 recipes.
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