Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Managers and leaders can give themselves a free competency health check.

A free DIY online check through Leadership Management Australia’s (LMA) new website ( is geared to each person’s position within an organisation and takes just seven minutes.

A confidential report identifies and scores an individual’s competencies and offers some general advice and recommendations to improve under-performing disciplines.

In order to attract and retain the best people LMA suggests that successful leaders and managers should develop their current skills in communication, planning and organisation, problem solving and decision-making.

To effectively develop and coach others, build relationships and engage their strategic thinking skills, managers can develop the performance and productivity of the people they lead.

The test will show whether they are at a level of competency that they aspire to at the moment or if they need to work on improving some of their skills. Managers can take advantage of leading edge suggestions to improve their own skills, as well as involve other managers in the process.

 All mangers should strive to hone and improve their skills, become sharper, says LMA.

Importantly, any shortcomings can be remedied and that’s got to help their organisations manage the new business environment and improve productivity.

The wider 39-year-old Australian-owned LMA group operates through 70 locations across Australia and New Zealand. It has worked with over 115,000 people in small and medium organisations, large corporations and government departments.

Contact: Graeme Willingham, GWPR 03 9660 5541 , for LMA

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Managers and leaders can give themselves a free competency health check.



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