Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
The competitive supermarket grocery market will now be able to be clearly understood and analysed using the recently released Roy Morgan Supermarket and Fresh Food Currency Report. This new Roy Morgan report will shine a spotlight on the $76 billion a year supermarket grocery market.
The report shows Woolworths ahead of Coles, as well as smaller supermarket retailers IGA and Aldi, in market share overall, although their lead in many ‘fresh food’ areas such as bread, and fruit and vegetables has been shrinking in recent months due to a resurgent Coles.

The Supermarket and Fresh Food Currency Report tracks not only numbers of customers and which supermarket they shop at, but also the total dollar spend in each supermarket, also expressed as a percentage of total market spend dollars.

A feature of the report is the historical context - trends reaching back to 2003, which show some dramatic increases in areas such as ‘cross visitation’ – that is the number of shoppers who shop at more than one supermarket.

The report also shows how the different ‘fresh’ categories have played out for almost a decade. For example, in the fresh bread category we see major supermarkets leading bread shops such as Bakers Delight and Brumby’s Bakery. In fresh meat we see butchers still leading the way, but only by a small margin. The fruit and vegetable category is a mixed affair; while fruit and vegetable shops are competing strongly with major supermarkets, the question remains for how long. And the trended data on the fresh delicatessen market shows the dominance of Coles and Woolworths.

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:
“The new Roy Morgan Supermarket and Fresh Food Currency Report is a comprehensive analysis into today’s competitive supermarket grocery sector. Whilst the struggle between Coles and Woolworths continues to play out, and smaller supermarket chains such as IGA and Aldi attempt to strengthen their presence in the market, Roy Morgan captures the data which illustrates the fight for the grocery customer dollars in the industry.”

The detailed Roy Morgan Supermarket and Fresh Food Currency Report report offers a comprehensive look into the supermarket and fresh food market, covering trends such as market size and share, and customer penetration and cross visitation. The report also offers individual sections focusing on fresh bread, fresh deli, fresh meat and fruit and veg.

For more information or for individual sections of Roy Morgan’s Supermarket and Fresh Food Currency Report, click here. These specific reports are based on various sectors of the supermarket and fresh food industry, including fresh bread, fresh deli, fresh fruit and veg and fresh meat.

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