Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Ever wondered why your playlists change in volume and quality?

It can depend on where you got the songs from and how you stored them. Files in your iPod are probably much less uniform than the songs in your CD collection.

This can be particularly evident when playing your iPod or phone at volume from your speaker dock.

Brady Gunn, owner of iPod speaker dock store www.dockhub.com.au, says, "A lot of us are using our iDevices as a primary music source these days. The problem is that some of the music in them isn't good quality.

"When we play them at volume through our docks it can be a real problem."

Here are Brady's top 3 tips on getting the most out of your iPod and iPhones:

1) When transferring files from CD's to your iPod use a bit rate of 128kbs. You can also use variable bit rate encoding for better quality. This lets the coder use more bits when it has to. You may sacrifice around 5% of your storage but it's well worth it.

2) Set the EQ in your iPod. Most models of iPod have an Equalizer setting in them. Go to settings and select EQ. Choose the genre that you will be listening to. Also take the time to get used to the EQ settings on your speaker dock. Use your ears and adjust the bass and treble to your own tastes. This will make a big difference.

3) Only download good quality files. iTunes downloads will be fine. If you have 'borrowed' some music from your 'friends' these files may be under par. You may choose to get your music elsewhere? If you do end up with bad quality songs then adjust your levels and/or volume accordingly. Don't turn it up if it sounds bad as there is nothing you can do about it!

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