Wednesday, April 18th, 2012
Getting your toddler to love going to bed can be quite an ordeal. Getting two or more toddlers to bed at the same time even more so.

Enter frustrated Melbourne mum and business-woman Karen Dyer.  Exhaustion with two adventurous boys and their bedtime antics (Aidan aged 3 and Liam aged 22 months) led Karen to wonder how to overcome yet another parental challenge and restore night-time harmony to the home.

"I was beginning to sound like a broken record telling my boys over and over to get into bed," said Karen.

"That was only half the battle, of course, because once in bed I had to coax them to stay there!

"The bedtime routine was becoming a living nightmare!"

Adding to Karen's concerns was how to ensure Aidan and Liam's safety while transitioning from the cot, so as to avoid a fall from bed.

"I searched the internet in hope of an answer, joining in on parent chat forums to see whether a fellow forum participant might have been-there-done-that and had a solution," said Karen.

"It was during one of my late-night bleary-eyed internet searches that I had the light-bulb moment.

"I thought to myself... we put so much effort into creating the perfect nursery but what about a beautiful, fun and safe dream-space for toddlers?

"The bed is the focus for any bedroom and toddlers' bedrooms are no different. The bed needs to appeal to the child to make them want to get into bed. It also needs to appeal to the parent to make the bedroom aesthetically pleasing," said Karen.

With a forty-year family history in furniture manufacturing and retail, Karen realised the answer had been staring her in the face. She ordered two fun and colourful car-themed beds with raised sides for safety and 3D spinning wheels.

For added functionality, Karen chose a trundle bed design to cater for any sleepovers and to double as a large storage drawer when unused.

Karen's pleas of "Get into bed!" are no longer heard around the family home. The words however have taken on a life of their own with Karen creating online children's bedding store "Get Into Bed".

The Get Into Bed boys' range includes several racing car bed designs, jeep, tow-truck, fire engine, train and helicopter for the flying enthusiasts.

The girls' range includes two princess carriage designs, castle, pink car and pink jeep for the girls who love adventure.

"Beds can be purchased with or without mattresses. Quality materials and mattresses by one of Australia's leading brands ensures longevity," said Karen.

"My boys will enjoy their car beds for many years to come and my guess is we've created a fun themed bedroom to last ten years".

Karen's full range of Get Into Bed products and accessories can be found at

All enquiries to Karen¬†via email at [email protected] or telephone 0409 556 554.

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Get Into Bed

Get Into Bed's range combines style with functionality and fun. Beds are designed to appeal to kids and parents alike by transforming children's bedrooms into the perfect dream space.

A range of children's novelty beds and a full range of Australia's leading brand mattresses - Sealy - are available at competitive prices.

Bed and mattress package deals are available.
Karen Dyer
P: 0409 556 554


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