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Given the wide range of climates and conditions in Australia, it is vital that industrial or residential water tank systems, especially those intended to be used for drinking water, be designed specifically for Australian conditions. Brumby Water Tanks is the premier Australian manufacturer and designer of a wide variety of tank designs that are specifically oriented towards the needs of the Australian customer. With a long history of providing water storage solutions to clients all over Australia, Brumby understands the needs and desires of its clients in a way no other company can.

Brumby designs include tanks ranging in capacity from 500 to 1 million litres, allowing a purchaser to obtain the size of tank they require for their specific needs. In addition, these tanks are all designed to industrial standards, ensuring that they will not crack, rust, or corrode during usage, no matter the exterior conditions. Most importantly, these tanks are designed to be ultraviolet (UV) light stabilized, in order to resist long-term exposure to the sun. Finally, Brumby tanks are constructed out of food grade polyethylene, making them completely safe for the storage of drinking water, or water intended to be used in cooking or other food processing purposes.

Furthermore, the client can order tanks of varying Colorbond colours, which makes the matching of tanks for organizational or industrial purposes easy. This is also useful for businesses or homes that desire tanks with an attractive appearance, or ones that fit in with an already existing exterior décor. Brumby tanks come with a 25-year guarantee, highlighting Brumby’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

After purchase, Brumby can deliver water tanks of all designs and capacities, anywhere in Australia. These deliveries can be as simple as placing a tank via a forklift, and come with assistance to the owner in properly setting up his new tank. This also helps reduce the time it takes to make the tank operational.

Whether for an isolated farmhouse needing water for bathing and dining, or a full-scale industrial concern requiring large amounts of water for chemical processes, Brumby can provide efficient and economical water storage solutions to its clients. Furthermore, by taking advantage of state rebates for qualifying water storage systems, the purchaser can radically reduce the cost of their tanks.

For the industrial or rural customer, Brumby is the perfect avenue for obtaining professional water storage services. Water tank systems require a company with a deep understanding of both their own products and the needs of their clients. With Brumby, the customer can be assured that their needs will be handled with skill and dedication, whether it is for a small farmhouse water tank, or a full-scale industrial installation.

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