Monday, January 30th, 2012
AVad TechnologiesAVAD’s Hosted contact center supports both individual as well as distributed multi-site call centers to act as a single virtual call center, regardless of geographic location.

Build Your Own Hosted VoIP Call Center:

* Simplified installation and maintenance.
* No hardware required.
* Easily add/remove agents.
* Add an unlimited number of agents.
* Agents can be located anywhere, including home based agents.
* No hardware required, agents can use a soft phone.
* Agressive Pricing Plans

Configurable Routing:

* Enhanced Automated Call Distribution (ACD).
* Route calls to any agent regardless of geographic location.
* Customizable Periodic Comfort Message

Key Features:

* Automatic Call Distributor (ACD): Intelligent call routing and queuing.
* Enhanced ACD: Advanced queuing when call center is not staffed and maximum wrap-up timer settings.
* Auto Attendant: View Auto-Attendant Details Interactive voice response (IVR) and custom messaging.
* Call Center Reporting: View Call Center Reports Preset real-time and historical reports in graphical and tabular form.
* Music On Hold and Comfort Announcement: Callers are provided with a greeting, followed by music or advertisements and periodic comfort announcements in audio or video format.
* Monitoring and Recording: View Call Recording DetailsPre-integrated, third-party vendor solutions for real-time monitoring and recording of agent calls.

Improve Customer Service:

Ensure all incoming calls are serviced efficiently under any network condition and at any time.

Create Virtual call center:

Establish call centers anywhere in the world, just with a broadband connection.

Follow-the-Sun Customer Care:

Offer 24x7x365 ubiquitous services with a single number for distributed call center locations.

Manage Calls Effectively:

Choose from a range of call distribution policies, including skills-based call distribution. Minimize Costs: Provide the option for agents to work remotely with access to all call features. Voice mail Transfer: Transfer calls directly to voice mail.

Tell Us About Your Business VoIP Call Center Needs - Get started with AVAD today. Feel free to call us toll-free at (800) 733-4136 or you can complete a short Call Center Quote Request Form.

AVAD’s Hosted call center for small business is a complete solution that includes VoIP, call centers solution, automated dialing, IVR/ACD, recording, reporting, and multi-media capabilities and Call Blending.

AVAD Technologies is an ideal solution for small business call center for business that is seeking an affordable Call Center solution. AVAD simplifies Call Centers for small businesses by assigning a call center consultant to your company who will assist you throughout the installation and ongoing management of your call center. Your business can create a complex contact center solutions or a simply solution; it all depends on your specific needs.

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AVad Technologies

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Avad Technologies

AVAD Technologies is a leading small business VoIP provider of Hosted VoIP PBX phone service. With its cutting edge line of integrated voice/data solutions, AVAD Technologies provides a complete Hosted VoIP PBX solution to cost-conscious, results-driven, value-oriented organizations.
Avad Technologies
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