Wednesday, January 25th, 2012
There’s no “one size fits all” answer to getting and staying fit and healthy, according to Adelaide personal trainer and author Jon Ball.

One of Australia’s most respected fitness authorities, Jon was so determined to get his message beyond his own fitness centre that he sat down and wrote “12welve – The Ultimate Body Transformation Book”.

He was inspired to write the book to balance all the misinformation given about health and fitness; information he says that can actually stop people living as long as they should: “We’re all different and 12welve identifies who you are and gives the answers to your transformation success,” he says. “You will find out why you haven’t succeeded in weight loss before and why you will now. You get fit, you live longer and you have a happier, more fulfilling life.”

People have been drawn to the book and, as a result, are actually changing their lives. The title refers to the amount of weeks Jon says it will take anyone who reads the book to actually change the look of their body – 12 weeks. It doesn’t stop there but it’s a great start to getting fit and healthy.

In 12welve, Jon dispels the myths and mystery about getting and staying healthy and leaves the reader with the simple facts in a book that’s easy to read and follow. He’s been getting great results at the Modbury Health & Fitness Centre he runs but he wrote the book so he could reach a broader audience.

To keep readers interested, Jon has included more than 50 exercise routines that can be carried out by people of different fitness levels. All exercises are illustrated with extra tips and the author has even included 20 of his unique cardio/toning routines for fast results.

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