Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
January 24, 2012, Port Adelaide, South Australia:

A community driven redevelopment of Port Adelaide won't be happening if the same "tired and discredited" Labor Party is re-elected in Port Adelaide, Independent Candidate for Port Adelaide, Gary Johanson, said today.

Mayor of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield since 2006, Johanson says it has only since he announced his candidacy to replace Kevin Foley that the Premier and Labor has taken interest in the seat.

“Traditionally, the ALP has ‘gifted’ this once safe seat to a career politician and with the pre-selection of a former Ministerial Advisor and career bureaucrat, nothing has changed.

“Isn’t it time someone who has a proven interest and history in the area be given the opportunity to represent the historic and vital significance of the area to South Australia?”

Mr Johanson pointed out that the Labor Party had over ridden community sentiment with Newport Quays, including taking away Council's powers over the development - and last night's talkfest was more spin rather than achieving a community approved project model.

“The Labor Government are now in a legal stoush with the developers as well and I ask the State Government to give residents an assurance that it won’t be handing over future involvement in Port projects to the New Port Quays developers to lessen the impact of any proposed lawsuit?

"If Labor are re-elected, they will take that as an endorsement of all the wrongs they have foisted on the people of Port Adelaide in the past."

Authorised by Gary Johanson, Paint Supplies of SA, Philips Crescent, Hendon

Press Release Written by MAD Australia Productions

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Gary Johanson

Gary has had a long association with the Port Adelaide area. Gary’s Grandfather arrived from Sweden and settled in Port Adelaide. Gary spent 19 years working in towns across country SA and the Northern Territory with the Bank of Adelaide and ANZ. Gary and wife Vicky started their business, Paint Supplies of SA, in 1990. They have 3 teenage children, and are passionate about improving the Port Adelaide area. Apart from his keen interest about the future direction of the Port Adelaide area, and his concern at environmental issues and conserving history, Gary also has a passion for boats, motor bikes and cars (especially hot-rods!), and has a collection which he maintains and uses for community events.
Gary Johanson
P: 0452 401 443
W: www.garyjohanson.com


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