Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

The newest extreme downhill track (posties)to hit South East Queensland is here. The grand opening is on Saturday the 4th of February 2012.

Some say you can ride a post bike down this track, but many will disagree too ! This Downhill track has been in the making for about six months now and it has been the dedication of the "Downhill From Here" club members that have made this track a reality.

The track has some of the steepest sections that any Queensland rider has ever seen and gaps that are upto 40 foot in size, so the only way to get down this monster track is to send it posties style!

The property that the track is situated on has great potential and the Downhill From Here club is aiming to expand this to cater for all types of mountain biking. The new tracks that will be developed include dirt jumps, four cross, cross country, all mountain and various downhill tracks. The tracks will be developed for all levels of riders ranging from beginners up to the advanced riders. The property will also provide camping facilities, so people will be able to make a weekend of riding at this location.

We are proud to announce that starting 2012, DFH will be working with Chris Kovarik and Claire Buchar of Kovarik Racing.  As 2 of the most reputable DH mountain bike athletes in the world and as PMBI(Professional Mountain Bike Instructor) level 2 Instructors, Chris and Claire confidently provide quality mountain bike skills training for all ages, all rider abilities and all mountain bike disciplines.

Chris Kovarik has been a strong figure and personality in the mountain bike world since he first burst on the world cup racing scene in '98. Under his belt, he holds several national, international and world cup wins as well as track records, winning margin records and countless podium appearances at all levels of the sport. His aggressive riding and image make him a favourite with the media and his skills on a bike are owed to his natural ability and years of dedication and experience:

"Posties has so much potential to become both a world class training ground and a recreational mountain biking destination. We will be working and supporting DFH in a collective effort to grow the sport. We will also be shredding lots!" - Chris Kovarik.

Claire Buchar is known for her dedication to the sport, having spent most of her career as a privateer. She is a talented rider with a lot of heart.  As a 10 time Canadian National Team Member, World Championships Bronze Medalist, Canadian National Champion, Top 10 World Cup Racer, media regular, coach and event organizer, Claire is a true ambassador of mountain biking:

"To have a venue like Posties is such a great resource for developing riders and getting more people involved in the sport. Looking forward to being involved and making great things happen!" - Claire Buchar.

Look out for future camps and clinics at Posties provided by Kovarik Racing.

This is an exciting new opportunity to promote and grow the sport of mountain biking in Australia.


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Downhill From Here Mountain Bike Club

Welcome to Downhill from Here (DFH) Mountain Bike Club. We are a newly established non-profit organisation committed to developing & growing mountain bike riding in South East Queensland.

We welcome enquiries from riders of all ages & abilities; with interest in any and all Mountain Bike genres. Our experienced members are willing to mentor beginner riders so they can expand their skills base.

Mountain bike riding is a fun and exciting activity that is suitable for all the family. Being a member of our club will help you improve your skills and confidence. The challenges that a rider faces are not only the physical ones but the mental and technical as well. Mountain biking is great as a social activity or competitive sport.

Key Members:

President - Steve Reeves

Secretary – Richelle Kelly

Treasurer – Ashley Warshawsky
Steve Reeves
P: 0488 773 842


Downhill Mountain Biking, Extreme Sports



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