Monday, January 23rd, 2012
A revolutionary approach to professional market research services delivers results in half the time at half the cost. Companies can now find out what they need to know rather than second guessing the market: and without breaking the bank.

The key reasons companies don’t do all of the market research they should are that it takes too long and it’s too expensive.

The result of not doing the market research needed often results in a misalignment of products and services with the market, marketing that doesn’t quite hit the spot, concepts that aren’t tested properly, and a failure to recognise changing trends in customer attitudes and behaviours.

“Without the right intelligence, critical business and marketing decisions involve more guesswork than they should," said Bruce Stafford, Managing Director of Insight Revolution.

"Quality business decision-making is an ‘art’, but taking a data-centric approach puts the ‘science’ behind it.

“To solve the problems of time and cost, we knew that we had to break the rules and revolutionise how market research services were delivered.

“We’ve turned the business of professional market research on its head by delivering tailored market research and insights at a speed and cost unmatched by traditional market research agencies.”

Insight Revolution delivers high quality results faster and cheaper because it uses next-generation research methodologies, run a dedicated virtual workforce of research professionals and doesn’t carry the massive overheads that many traditional agencies carry.

“We run a tight, but well equipped, ship and that reflects in the high quality and the incredible value we deliver to our clients,” said Stafford.

“We’re inviting all marketers that conduct any market research to take our Research Pricing Challenge. We disclose all of our pricing up front on our website so you can quickly and easily see how much you’ll save by using our services. Just punch in a few details of a previous study you’ve done to see the difference.”

With professional market research projects from as little as $1,500 (delivered within as little as 10 days), marketers can now do the market research they should without breaking the bank.

“Best case is that you can afford to do some more market research to finally find answers to the questions that have long been bugging you," said Stafford. "Worst case is that you halve your market research budget and channel the savings back into your marketing. It’s a great way to increase your marketing budget without having to ask the boss for more money!"


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