Thursday, January 19th, 2012

On February 11th, voters of the Port Adelaide electorate have an opportunity to choose a party that supports less tax, less government interference; and in fact less government altogether.

By voting “1” for Stephen Humble, the Liberal Democratic Party’s (LDP’s) candidate, voters can be assured of choosing a representative who will do everything possible, to abolish “the Nanny State”.

Says Stephen: “I'm a strong believer in libertarian views with a live and let-live attitude. I believe our freedom is being gradually eroded. Overly-intrusive and often ill-thought out nanny-state laws are killing independence, killing initiative and drowning society in a welfare state mentality. With progress comes new technologies and new ways to intrude, observe and control people - and a present government far too willing to misuse their position, with no thought to civil rights and individual freedom. The Liberal Democratic Party understand that Australians deserve to win back and keep the freedom and rights which make this such a great place to live and that's what I am standing for.”

The Liberal Democratic Party will first take the axe to Speed Cameras.

“Everyone knows that speed cameras are simply a revenue-raising rort and contribute nothing towards real road safety” says Stephen. “...They act as an unfair tax, typically on those who can least afford it and I am convinced that Port Adelaide electors are sick of them.”

The LDP feels that Speed Cameras are just the tip of the iceberg of all the unnecessary and unwanted government intrusions into our lives.

The Liberal Democratic Party plans to roll back enormous swathes of legislation, especially laws that create “victimless crimes” or that unnecessarily restrict people's livelihoods or recreational activities... and to roll back taxes and charges, including Payroll Tax and Stamp Duty. As South Australia’s true libertarian party, the LDP believes that government has a much smaller role to play than the over-inflated, self-serving leviathan it has become – and must be reined in, for the benefit of all South Australians.

The LDP also believes that government should serve, not rule and accordingly supports the introduction of direct democracy, giving all South Australians a say over how they are governed.

So if you like the idea of a lot less tax and much lower charges for services in SA, as well as a lot more freedom in your personal life, please vote for Stephen Humble of the LDP on February 11th.

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Liberal Democratic Party (SA)

The Liberal Democratic Party (SA) stands for less tax, less government interference and...less government altogether.
Christopher Steele
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Stephen Humble Liberal Democratic Party candidate for Port Adelaide By-Election February 11th 2012



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